Where can i find if stronghold keeps storage?

I read i only need 5 storages of 392 each to level up SH to 20.

As i calculate 5x 392 is 19.600. which is less than the 19.720 needed. So where’s the missing amount of Iron? Does the stronghold keep a minimum storage of iron?

And if so, does it keep storage of ham and does it house troops? First question really important for my upgrading to lev. 20, the last 2 just curious :smiley:
If yes, it’s just 5 level 18 storages needed, if no minimum 1 19 needed, which is gonna cost more time.

Yes, stronghold keeps a total of 10k food, 10k iron and 30 troops.
Didn’t know about that before I read this post and figured that out…interesting!

Yes, 5 x 18 iron storages. :slight_smile:

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