Where can I find explanation of the info above the elemental info?

Went through a lot of info but could not find this. During a battle the resource and chest in the upper left corner seem to fill up as you kill enemies but, they do not seem to be the amount of resources and the number of items that you actually get when you win. Is there info on this? Also, when you finish a battle I know some of the reward is a set amount (like xp) and some seems to be random. Is it just random or is it calculated.

The number of items in the chest includes recruits which does make it confusing.

The items you receive are close to random, but some items are slightly more likely to appear on certain levels.


The number in the chest is crafting items + ascension items + recruits. The othe number is ham + iron

AHHHH… that explains a lot. Thank you.

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