Where are you all?

As the title says, where are you? Some time ago, almost anything that was proposed in this forum, almost anything, was answered by a lot of people, some of weight, outraged with the ftp, with the balance, with the right of non-spenders and their importance and bla bla bla. Now that SG has passed that through the nose, in all parts of the game, he has created titan enhancers without failure, only for payment, absolutely disproportionate heroes with respect to the classics, payment of emblems, etc., etc. I do not hear the voices, I don’t hear the complaints, nobody has anything to say?

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There are complaints on here almost every day from people who spent money and got nothing, along with plenty of bragging from people who spent nothing and got something.

I have spent some. I bought a few gem packs and one year of VIP, then recently renewed my VIP for another year. I do not feel as though I’ve gotten my money’s worth, as 95% of my roster, I could have gotten for free from training camps (and sadly, probably at least half of it did come from training camps, gem summons for me have been near worthless).

Where I am right now is… I’m probably not going to spend any more money on this game, unless they make some major changes (I say probably, but I might be willing to spend a few dollars if they bring back those “share the love” deals just to help out my alliance mates… other than that, nope)


Lot’s of feisty debate here, @Ber


Geez, have you muted everything?


Sounds like you have specific voices in mind


Maybe some of the weighty influencers are carrying on their debates in that fabled place I heard about, the active player’s lounge.

But I’ve seen plenty of shrieking and yawping here, you must have a lot of us plebs muted, as nevarmaor suggests.

Edit: half the threads around here are angst on the similar level as “I’m not sad you’re sad” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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A lot of the angsty-type new threads are pretty quickly moved to existing threads of similar vein. Maybe those are muted.

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There, above all, we talk about emblems, it is not just that, in fact that is the least important, the heroes’ gap is more important. Geneva compared to Thorne was a forum classic. Now Geneva is a joke, they have taken out such disproportionate heroes and, in addition, for all areas of the game, that an ftp is a joke in everything. It is no longer reaching the TOP that everyone can at one time, it is EVERYTHING, my last alliances are top and wars, for a non-spender, with a tc20 team at mid-high level are utopian; The titans for someone who goes with their wu and does not have one of several payment cracks, are testimonials of participation. The tournaments the same, EVERYTHING. The contempt is infinite.
And no, I do not have anyone blocked and I hardly spend anymore, because I have more than 300 without leaving anything and I said enough, I am only surprised that so much complaint about the balance when it was just raining, now it does not appear when it rains.

Some of those voices who rage-quit have quietly returned. It would be interesting to hear from them how they experience the game now.

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Really? She is still one of the most common tanks used. (Presuming you mean Guinevere here).

I see just as many complaints about the game now as previously. Lately more commonly about unfairness of summoning.

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It would be interesting to hear how many came back as F2P and how many came back as P2W again, and their reasoning.

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And many more things, externally to the forum you find out many things that make you look silly.

Externally to the forum I find out many thing that make other people look silly. None have anything to do with the game though.

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Guinevere is still one of the most used tanks in the game, as far as raids go anyways. You can check out the most current positioning report in Titan Mafia for Razors and co’s work, and you can check out the official game data for this past years Raids Index 🏆 Heroes Hall of Fame & Stats! and see that Guinevere is one of the top 3 tanks there.

I can’t speak for how the future meta will shape up myself, though I predict Black Knight will join Guinevere and Kunchen up there in the top tank spots. But I’ve yet to see a disproportionate balance issue myself with the new introduced heroes.


It seems lately a lot of the new heroes are more niche players than overall powerhouses.


I stopped reading threads that appear to favor complaints as the main topic. It’s not worth my time and does not bring joy to my life.

It is probably why my Regular tag is gone xD.

The ‘Active Player Lounge’ is still very much inactive.


Not necessarily… 100% f2p, 100% TC20 defense, not the first time, either…


Yer, I’ve hit top 1% a couple of times with a free roster, particularly in the 4* tournaments.

Anything is possible :smile:


I have to agree, gem summons for me have been the most effective way of getting Dawa and other slightly less useless duplicate 3*s and basically just a way of giving SG money for nothing. Boy am I glad that gambling makes me feel ill and so the money dropped accounts for less than a beers worth. SG, bless them, just reinforce my opinions.

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The heroes gap will always be there. Called progress. How can you expect a game on version 23 to be the same as it was in version 1?

As far as emblems, they’ve helped f2p a bit

Idk if you’ve seen matchmaking in 4* tournaments and looked at the point value opponents you get if you have no emblemed 4s and the total points players are scoring with having emblemed 4s then noticing even if you went undefeated the whole tournament your score wouldnt match theirs and by a good amount. And i wouldn’t be surprised to find out more players are f2p outside the top 100 and are using more emblems on 4s than 5s

It’s helped the s1 5s too though. Thorne(still a hero i would never max or recommened maxing unless just desperate situation with ample scopes) is much harder to take down with emblems. Marjana is another one, ever go against a marjana you cant kill because she’s in the corner and dodges your specials? Kadilen is a hero people actually advise maxing now because of emblems. Joon gets sturdeir with emblems as well.

Anyways if emblems was your major point of debate, i feel you’ll lose that one

As far as game not helping the f2p/c2p as much as it helped p2w, why would you expect any different?

They have done things to help the f2p/c2p such as implement event coins after 2 years of requesting, started atlantis rises which f2p can save their flasks from events for, the tourneys allow f2p to get into the 1% tier for decent rewards(granted they still suck but normally better than monster chest rewards, at least for me)

They extended the events and stretched out the world energy costs which is a big help to f2p as far as completing all 3 tiers. I know i have no problem paying for WE and i typically complete all 3 tiers as soon as it’s released. If i didnt and solely relied on game generated energy and tried to fit 45 levels at the old world energy costs into 3 days, it would be a pain in the A.

Not saying devs cant do more to make the game better balanced between the pay groups, but not saying everything implemented this year has only benefited 1 and none of the others. Anything in the game implemented or offered will benefit p2w more than f2p/c2p 9 times out of 10 intentionally or not, that is what people pay for and how SG makes a profit.

Anyways i could keep rambling, but might as well see what you have to say in response i guess.


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