Where are the Sexy Male Profile Avatars?

I am having a hard time picking a Profile Avatar. The cool and sexy ones are all girls. Where are all the cool and sexy guys? If I don’t want to be a girl or ugly guy; the rest of my choices seem to be deranged monster animals. I’m sure there have been some cool ones for 1200gems. ( cough ) Till then I’ll be a girl. :wink:

Edit: who do you find the most attractive boy/girl/monster?

What would be nice is if we could upload our own avatar for our profile


I dunno man, but you gotta define sexy.
Some think my hat is too small, others think my shoes are too big.

Weird Things That Are Seen as Sexy in Various Countries*

  • Crooked teeth. Japan.
  • Scarification. Western Africa, New Guinea.
  • A heart-shaped face. South Korea.
  • Excess weight. Mauritania.
  • Surgical dressings on the face. Iran.
  • Pale skin. China, Thailand.
  • A high forehead. The Fula people.
  • A long neck. Burma.
  • Stretched lips and red skin - The Mursi people
  • Monobrows. Tajikistan

Lol! Yeah I get it. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This is my opinion and I feel like there might be others that feel the same.

Hansel and Lancelot? You’ll have to reach top 100 on the pertinent challenge events though.
Tarlak should also be available someday, but who knows when.

Ok lets look at two characters in the game…Gretel and Elena…I find the picture of Gretel repulsive, yet Elena I could look at all day if she were a real girl…She has a cute smile, well done eyebrows and in contrast, Gretel has big bushy eyebrows that need plucked and theres something about her mouth that just isn’t right…Now the pig tails are cute so from behind she might be alright LOL…Besides chicks with axes are just plain scary

Where are the Avatars for guinevere and gravemaker? Havent see them till yet.

How abt Azlar? He sure look great as a Avatar…still waiting for him though…:frowning:

Event’s heroes profile pics are only awarded from event’s rewards tier, I think.

Yup, we girls don’t get much eye candy :confused:

I hadn’t considered it being an issue for those who want a good-looking male avatar. SG please give us good looking guys!!


Chao, Valen, Hansel and Lancelot are like the only ones I find attractive looking as far as illustrations go lol

I’ve seen that some people don’t like Valen’s face but I do, it kinda vaguely reminds me of a Square Enix character.

I may be forgetting one other but I doubt it.


Read through the thread and it reminded me the one Im forgetting is Tarlak, he’s rarely seen by me so thats likely why i forgot him.

Also to lesser extent Alberich is pretty cool looking.


I think its more so the intense shading around Gretel’s brows because she’s furrowing pretty hard, kinda like Jenneh’s expression in her art but with more shadows.

Not a big fan of the way its done either. When the heroes have a focused/serious expression I find it more pleasing to look at without the intense shadows, Delilah is a good example

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Yes I would totally use Alberich if I could.

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You could’ve. His avatar was available for purchase a few weeks ago.

Dang, let me guess, it was 1200 gems

Thorne seems… oh gosh, how do I put this…
Yeah, here you go: Thorne seems to be the one with hard sword, if you know what I mean…

Or maybe edit Avatar like Sims.

Derek is a good looking guy… lol

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Ummm, Grimm doesn’t have the best face, but the body is there.


Shoot dang, I’m moving to Mauritania then.