Where are the feeders?

8-7 didnt just get the health bump…the feeders are gone…is there another cheap WE level to get feeders like 8-7 used to do?..On that note…what is there to gain nerfing farming levels…its already the worst part of the game as it is, why make it worse?

I wont speak about the whole “feeders, still exist or not, blah blah” cause well it has no substance behind the theory outside of speculation based on a small sample that fails to prove diddly squat

All I’ll say is i prefer 6-8, no clue what the data holds for heroes or troops though as from my understanding they’re pretty random anyways and 3 flag stages are mainly recommended cause they’re lower cost so you get more plays per round of w/e…

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No matter what levels you are farming. Sometimes good loot sometimes nothing of interest.


When you’re talking feeders, are you talking about recruits or actual feeder heroes? Recruits are my main feeder source most of the time anyway. Actual troop and hero pulls seem to be completely random from most sources.

I used to mostly farm S1 province 5 (stage 8 for backpacks, stage 4 to fill monster chests)… someone in my previous alliance told me to farm province 8-7 instead (supposedly gives more recruits than prov. 5 while also filling monster chest).

I wish I tracked data to be able to verify for myself, when farming I just hit autoplay until my chest is filled and/or I run out of flags, whichever comes first. I don’t remember exactly how many recruits 8-7 typically gave before, but I can do a very small sample size test run to see how many it’s giving me now…


Results after 10 runs


Yeah, now that I think about it, I actually do think it used to give more recruits than that… :thinking:


Troops are best in 3 we, 1* heroes actually go up with higher world energy but are not worth chasing.

([Repost] Farming 1* / 2* troops and 1* / 2* heroes [Reposted for smartphone users and future reference] Updated 2019-Nov)

8-10 recruits is standard for 1.8-7 .

(Atlantis farming)

([Comparison] Speed recruit farming or Comparing Recruits per Autoplay hour for AR+2.6-9N, s1-8-7, s1-7-7, Recruits I & II quest ( Updated 2019-May-27 ))

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Ah, okay. For some reason I thought I used to average closer to 10-11 recruits per run. But no biggie. My advanced house is taking care of most of my recruit needs anyway.

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