Where are the deals!?!?!?

It’s been a full month since getting anything other than 200 or 300 gem deals for $2-3. Is there any rhyme or reason to the timing of deals? I intend to spend a good chunk chasing in Atlantis and Avalon this month, but I REFUSE to buy gems from the shop. The gems in the shop are way too expensive. Well… the “deals” are way too expensive too, but at least they’re better than just buying from the shop. I’ve been trying to convince myself to stop spending on this game. A lack of deals will make that so much easier to do. lol

I will see on Saturday. Either there will be a big deal. Or SG changed the deal strategy.
Hope not. But it could make some sence. 4* items in Alchemy lab are ridiculously expensive. But if they reduce number of big deals with 4* items, it would be the only possibility to get some extra items.
Again hope not.

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It sucks, because it sure seems like they’ve discontinued the “decent” larger deals for some reason. Probably for the reason you stated. It’s been over 5 weeks since getting anything other than a $20-30 deal with a Tome or D-blade, or lesser deals for 200 gems. I’m not spending on pulls this month if all that’s available is the gems in the shop. Sad indeed.

I’ve been spending a lot less because of this. I don’t buy gems in the shop very often at all. My strategy is to buy the offers and hoard gems for a lot of summons. Can’t really do that anymore.
Whenever they do the $100 offer with the 2 cheaper offers, I always buy every one… guess they don’t want my money?

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I’ve also been spending a lot less. I also hardly ever buy gems in the shop. Honestly, I was ready to spend up to $150-200 this month, but without deals, it’ll be near $20-30 instead. They’re shooting themselves in the foot on this one.

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Constant deals would be bad, most of us have limits to what we will spend. These regular deals though, they definitely bring in money. I know a lot of people in my alliance wait specifically for offers to buy gems.

Agreed. Constant deals would be bad for a few reasons. I also wait for the offers and stockpile gems for future summons. Seeing as how there haven’t been any really good offers in over a month, tho, means I have almost no gems for summons, and I won’t pay $100 just to do summons and get mostly 3* feeders and no ascension mats, EHT’s, ETT’s, etc. I was hoping beyond hope that they might have a good offer today to celebrate the revamped events, but no… 200 gems for $1 x 5 or whatever. Very ‘meh’… They’re the ones who made it so the pull rates for good heroes are so low that you need to do a TON of summons. Without those offers, spending $100 on gems just to pull a bunch of 3* feeders is a hard pill to swallow.

I buy all the cheap gem deals when they come up. But since Halloween event is coming I think they have deals everyday during that event. I forgot what kind of deals they had during the summer event since I just started playing and i wasn’t ready to spend money yet. If those deals are good during Halloween then I might be spending then

Seasonal event deals fluctuate in price. They usually have a $10 or less deal, then a more expensive deal, then a cheap deal. Last day offer is $100. Also, if you buy every offer you should get a full set of unfarmable 3* and 4* mats

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That’s a good point. I forgot that Halloween is next month and those calendar deals have mats with them. That still doesn’t change the fact that they usually still put out the regular “tiered” deals (1 x $100, 2 x $20, and 4 x $5, for instance) even when a seasonal event is on the horizon. That event is likely still over a month away.

They used to have a 20 or 30 deal for gems and an epic ascension mat, which mat it was would cycle. I miss that. :confused:

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Yes the Army Packs. The most recent 20 deal wasn’t even one of those. Been too long for those. Seeing an extra 4* mat once a month isn’t that much to create a gap between players. Can’t even do a 10 pull of Challenge + Atlantis without one of those deals.


I forgot I did get a 20 dollar deal this past weekend it came with a orb, cape, tome, EHT, ETT, and 2000 gems

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