Where are the 4 * ascension items?

I would like to congratulate the administrators for making a good game out of this current tragedy. I opened 27 baus in 10 days and I did not gain anything useful, it must be to match the ct 20 that no hero comes 5 stars in 8 months. Misleading advertising and crime. I am leader of an ally and I will promote a general strike and nobody will invest money until second order, I think that all will join because I am not the only one dissatisfied.


Be patient. The mats will come. RNG is streaky. I went through a dry spell with no mats. Then I got 4 4* mats in a week. Just got a mystic rings today. The mats come in time.

Feel free to boycott spending. Just be aware that there are 1.5 million daily players on this game. Even if your entire alliance goes, it is statistically insignificant :wink:


Sorry, Iā€™m not following. Who are you holding responsible for the randomness of the drop rate of 4* AMs? As @StephenNap89 said, you can go through dry spells (days, weeks, months) and not forgetting there are regular event quests with 4* AMs for rewards.


The drop rates are certainly quite low. But what advertisement promised you that chests would have 4* AM in them with any regularity?

Only the Rare Quests and hardest Seasonal Event questlines (plus the top Challenge Event places) guarantee 4* AM.

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STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE!!! Where do we pick up our picket signs and shirts? Oh and is there free donuts? What? No free donuts??!!??!?! Nvm, a rare titan, a rare event, an elemental chest and an alliance war just popped up. Have fun with your strike!

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