Where are AM materials from Raid Tournament from 1% - 15.04.2019?

Hi guys

Did you receive any AM materials from Raid Tournament (1% percent group)? . According to the info section one should get 4* am with rate 2% and 3* with 98%.

I got gloves in top 1%. Not what I wanted but decent

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Hidden blade

20 characters

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I got a Battle Manual…woo! :laughing:


Trap Tools and 20 Emblems


Warm cape, 30 emblems


I don’t have screenshot of my loot, I got orb and 5 emblems for being in 10-25% tier, but my alt was more successful in tournament:

Emblems made a difference, I think.


Compass. Eh, not what I hoped for, but you can never have too many of those shared ones tbh.


I believe I was one of the last 1%ers, lol.

Ten Ranger Emblems.

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One of my accounts got a warm cape, the other got a hidden blade.

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We narrowed it down to 1,370,000 to 1,410,000 participants based on tracking when people fell out of the 1% category in my alliance. So you were pretty close to the line.

No complaints here :slightly_smiling_face:


I was a bit lower but not by much…

Got warm cape.

It was today that I realized that some of the farmable mats (e.g. battle manual, chainmail shirt, boots) are actually listed as 3* mats. Definitely not the same as a compass or fine gloves.

Hidden Blade and 20 emblems for me.

Top 1% - I did get the 10 Atlantis coins and 30 emblems, but no unfarmable ascension items (scabbard).

Actually ended up getting trap tools and EHT for being top 1-5%, was surprised.

how about 25-50%?


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