Where are all the SORCERERS at?

Is it just me, or is SG intentionally avoiding the release of HotM with the sorcerer class? Out of all the HotM, there are only two that are sorcerers and they were released years ago. Last year alone we saw three clerics in Kunchen, Grazul and Grimble, two wizards (Onatel and Anzogh), a fighter, druid, rogue and barbarian (Kingston, Ranvir, Margaret and Miki respectively) and two rangers in Seshat and Neith… Where are all the SORCERERS? Natalya and Thoth-Amun are the only two and that needs to change.

Personally, I think SG has the best sorcerers locked behind the Atlantis paywall for a reason and that isn’t a cute/good look. Let’s introduce some new HotM as sorcerers already!

Edit: I forgot about big Frida… She’s another blue paladin.


If I stumbled on a Quintus costume I’d probably ascend him.

Sorcerer class is lacking in general, not just HOTM


Got the cat to +20 with about 500 emblems still unused. Can’t decide between chochin and Natalya :joy: would love a sorcerer for d, but there is none for me. Ranger, Druid, that’s the ones I have and 3 fighters (3 Kingston :face_with_head_bandage:). Really not balanced!

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Natalya is awesome. She is worth it.

I have Chesh at +20 and Nat at +7.


Sorcerers shine for their absence

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Definitely some imbalances, but there’s a good amount of sorcerers:


I was lucky enough to snag Morgan. Before that I had a maxed Cat and was eyeing Sabina. Neither of which are very useful in my roster (Not saying they aren’t useful, but I’m thinking war where there’s nothing but 4k teams to hit…).

Other than that, there’s really not much. I’d love a nice sorcerer hotm!

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I think the problem is the very high rarity of most sorcerers out there. Some legendary heroes, like Quintus, are available, but most of them are either event or Atlantis heroes, which are very hard to get.


Do lack sorcerers hence maxing skittles now for trails as will need some attack.
I do have a Sabina but I also lack cleric and rigard got chosen over her as its rigard. But is next on the list.
But do agree a lot of them are hard to come by!

Also forgot about JF who is a wizard class too :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree tho, sorcerers are the least commonly seen 5* hero… There are similar number of overall heroes in each class but the Sorcerer class is notably harder to get…

As has been pointed out of the Sorcerer 5* heroes:

  • 1 is available in the Training Camps (quintus) who is widely a sucky hero & unlikely to get Tabards in most situations
  • 2x are Atlantis Heroes (getable but still low drop rates)
  • 4x are Event heroes (each with just a 0.2% chance of dropping…)
  • 2x are old old HotM… been a long while since there was a sorcerer HotM…
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I admire the message valuable information you provided here. :open_mouth:



Interesting way to flex @Olmor.


Hopefully, S3 would spot some worthy Sorcerers!

Loki maybe?

20 Sorcerer Emblems

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That’s still another paywall.

I have many sorcerers, some doubles.

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And all but one is stuck behind a paywall.


And the one is technically not a sorcerer. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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