Where all the materials have gone?

Am I only one who suddenly noticed that you seem to get less materials from everywhere? First it was less rewards from chest but then… Feels like you have hard time farming them from provinces too… And I really mean the common ones. I try to follow where those are suppose to be what I’m looking for but after using all the energy I’m lucky getting even one thing I need.

Is it just me or is my luck just getting worse? Soon I really don’t have anything to play in thus game cause I’m not getting anywhere even thou I only use crafted items for titans and as little as possible.

Of course it might be my awful luck again. thus whole game I have been unluckiest person. I’m level 29 and I only have two 4* heroes… other one I never seem to get max level and other one being useless Wu Kong. I have been trying to train more 4* heroes close 2 months but don’t seem to get any.

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I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing or not but my problem is ascension, I now have 4 hero **** but unable to ascent because I don’t have enough shields for even 1 hero and three of them need them to ascend. I do plenty of missions and dragon battles but what I need is rarely there, this is going to get old really fast.


I haven’t gotten anything from the regular monster chest in over 2 months and I do them twice a day

I think it’s just random things come in waves. Sometimes I farm 5-8 and don’t get a single backpack and then sometimes I get 4 backpacks at once. Same with stuff from missions and titans. The odds are pretty slim but occasionally you get something. The only guaranteed ascension items are from the guaranteed offers, events, and rare quests like Morlovia that just ended. Even the elemental chest doesn’t guarantee you the stuff you need because you could have bad luck and end up getting a farmable ascension item.

Edit: Also for the regular monster chest and hero chest what your ranking is determines how good the loot is as well.

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Monster chest loot has taken a hard nerf. Raid chest loot has too arguably, unless perhaps you’re rolling in diamond (can’t speak for that tier as I am in platinum). I used to get the odd rare ascension mat from these chests (maybe 1 every 1-2 weeks, clearing 2 a day)…however now we’re talking past 2.5 months of nothing but garbage. Pray for an elemental chest - that and the rare quests that pop up every 7-10 days seem to be the only viable source of good materials.


Wu Kong, useless? Check the leaderboards for the top events and see which one hero all of the best players make sure to include on their roster.

While the higher your raid tier does give more loot, there has been no evidence of higher quality loot.

Monster Chest I have no idea where you got that idea. It’s never been tied to raid ranking as far as we know.

If you want to increase your loot, join a good Alliance that is killing 8* Titans and above. While loot from chests and mystic vision will stay about the same, Titans will be the biggest source of quality loot.


Thats one of the main reason why i merc smaller titans rather then fight big ones: items.

I just need to use few and low level ones for titans under 7*, while 8* or more require a good amount to do serious damage, and with the drop rate of the provinces there’s no way i can have enough for the event.

But it’s sad that we have to give up on harder content because of a poor drop rate. Really.


Where all the heroes have gone? I have the materials, even for 5* red, but no heroes to level.

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When you open it it says which raid tier you’re at (Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond) and there are more roll slots. Furthermore I definitely noticed since going from Gold to Platinum I get more tokens or trainer heroes and sometimes even an unfarmable. The odds aren’t completely different but its a small bit better than before.

Source: New raid chest loot
Edit: This is the real extensive one: To Cup Drop or Not to Cup Drop

@DMP I agree with you about the higher quality/ more loot with the higher raid tiers. I phrased it incorrectly, as I thought you meant specifically better chances of the unfarmable ascension materials compared to just getting another sharpening stone. You definitely get better loot overall though like those trainers you mentioned.

What I don’t see is the correlation between raid tier and the monster chest. First I’ve ever heard/read of that.

@2Spookd Yeah maybe not monster chest. Monster chest is pretty bad no matter the raid tier.

I wasn’t talking about higher value loot. I already gave up on that but feel like the lower value material drops have been also degreased. Slowly so people just shut up and spend even more money to unknown gamble odds.

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I know I haven’t seen anything rare drop from a titan in weeks. 8 and 9 stars, A or A+… just daggers, ropes, wooden shields, and leather armor.


I have been getting mostly farmable stuff from titans and chests as well.
This gets old after a while … like … why bother?
I have also noticed that sometimes backpacks are hard to come by. And I do farm a lot.

Do you record your loot? I find when I do this I go, “oh yeah! I got good loot three days ago!” Etc.

  1. Monster chest has seemingly dried up for me

  2. Rare monster chest gave great loot last night; two ascension items plus other goodies and summon tokens

  3. You are not the only “unlucky” player as regards heroes. These things come in waves. I definitely recommend you get the TC20 (Training Camp lvl 20) which gave me seven 4* and one 5* in my first two months. Others have had a better return than me. :wink:

As regards getting items, I have long found that when items dry up in one area of the game, they drop in another. Check all the usual places:

  • Titan loot
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare (colored) Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision

If you’re lucky, you can also get from Events and War…

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