When's Halloween Event 2020? (Master question thread so stop making new ones!)

Question: When is it?

Answer: Unknown yet. Will update when known… Usually is towards the back end of October.

Tentative guess, based on last year, is about the 26th of October to the 8th of November

Question: Are there new Halloween Heroes?

Answer: Unknown yet. It is likely given the updates to Springvale & Sand Empire events that we will see 2x new 5* heroes, 1x new 4* hero & 1x new 3* hero… When info comes to beta it will be added to the #beta-beat.

You can stay abrest of new Beta content by subscribing to the #beta-beat hash-tag. Simply click that hash-tag, find the little “bell” icon and change it to “watching first post”

14 Sept Answer: see here - 🧪 Early Information on New Return to Morlovia (Halloween) Gameplay & Rewards [Part of The Beta Beat v32]

Question: Will Vlad/ Valeria/ Victor Get a buff?

Answer: Unknown yet. will be added to #beta-beat if/ when it gets tested.
14 Sept Answer: no news yet.


Not good enough. I demand to know when Halloween is!!! This is disgraceful from SG something something Zynga something something money grabbing casino. I demand 50 dawa in compensation.


Would be interesting if they added a blue 5* hero that was very fast speed. Ice is the only element without a very fast speed legendary hero.


While I detect sarcasm, you can’t be sure on this forum. So many people have made such an “investment” in this game.

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Fenrir is vfast, no?

Edit: nope, he’s not. Bah humbug.

Nope, he’s fast speed. I’m leveling mine rn :upside_down_face:

Fenrir gains mana after an enemy kill, then he requires only 6 tiles to charge again, ergo pseudo very fast.

What the hell is going on that everyone exactly wants to know when the Halloween event will start. As @Guvnor states is goes over Halloween starting in late October and end is beginning of November.
Seems like feeding some trolls out there

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I had started to wonder in the back of my mind when it was coming. I got an EHT and have resolved to save it :rofl:

So yeah. Not feeding the trolls here. Just informing the masses.

Thanks @Guvnor


I guess not. Wouldn’t they already be in beta ? I mean, Halloween’s coming fast. How long do Springvale and Sand Empire new heroes have been tested?

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About 2-3 weeks.

Halloween is still 50 days away so which is 7 weeks away… heaps of time yet.


I’m gonna say in October probably close to the end and will have the option of pulling October or November hotm. :thinking::wink:

All the “something something’s” were a very good indication of sarcasm and made me smile :slight_smile:


It better be either Frankenstein (Blue), the headless horse man (Red), or Jack Skeleton, The Pumpkin King (another Purple) for the 5*. I want Frosty the snowman for Christmas btw too.

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Ah, I knew something something was up.

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The 50 Dawa in compensation was a nice touch as well.


50 Dawa is nice compensation. It’ll get my Sif from lvl 75 to lvl 78!


If they run it like previous years, yeah. Halloween Event overlaps October et November. You get to pull for Zulag or Glenda with your tokens.

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I’m wanna pull the crazy pumpkin head guy if they make it :wink:

Well I am obviously missing out. In 2 yrs I’ve only received 7 dawa. Plenty of Valen, everyone else gets the good loot. Game hates me… (Ok I’ll stop dragging this off topic)

What about the people from Kilmarnock in Scotland who celebrate Halloween on the last friday of October irrespective of date? Will they get the event early?

Interesting trivia, but just as Orthodox Christians don’t see the Winter event later though the celebrate Christmas on January 7th, we’ll all see these events at the same time.