When you will fix RNG and rewards system?

Thinking mods should do something about the unproductive comments @Rigs is contributing…

And exactly what did you contribute?

Fyi you have to tag @Kerridoc @Rook to get a moderators attention(since they are the moderators :roll_eyes: )

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It’s good to see that you are the score keeper giving yourself points & claiming victory.
How honestly unbiased of you.
Definitely going now.
Enjoy your dream world. Yaaaaaawn.

Looking to get the thread locked for a cooling off period, are you?

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No just figured if he wanted a mods attention I’d help him out

Poor guy couldnt even get that right

I’m not mad at all. If actual discussion wants to fire back up, I’d prefer that over firing shots



Trolling, flaming, name-calling, tattling and all that are beneath ALL of you.

Follow Forum Rules. Thank you.


They started it

2 pointed fingers


To the OP who started all of this. Please read Forum Rules before making a thread.

  • Duplicate threads are not permitted.
  • Abuse is not permitted.

This thread will be closed.