When you will fix RNG and rewards system?

The mats add up once you’ve got a stable of maxed heros and then you’re to the point of only maxing a hero now and then because not every hero adds use to your roster

Once mats stock up, feeding slows down as does the flow of new “must max” heros. Which in turn allows to max a hero you do receive and have mats for the day of reception with stocked up resources

Problem is:

Mats and camps are designed for a steady flow and keep up with each other quite well

Purchases throw it all off. Biggest complainers about not enough mats: spenders

SG doesnt put a cap on how much players spend. They’ve implemented events and special mat offers to help out but a few purchased mats a month wont keep up with 2 dozen heros a player summoned with 1 to 2 months, just not possible.

Atlantis chest helps out a bit with this but RNG can still interfere.


That’s a great idea. Easy to implememt, and won’t hurt their pockets in any way. Win win.

It would break the game

Mats are supposed to be bottle necked so players progress at a steady pace in order to always have something more to do

No it wouldn’t. With the amount of rare mats needed for doing anything, be it leveling heroes, crafting items… (Looking at you midnight roots that I’ve been actively farming for and recieved exactly 0 in over 2 weeks) How do you figure its going to break game? Or is broken defined as happier players?

Players skip chests they would go to a minimum of 5 mats per day

That’s 35 mats a week
not including titans, wars, events, raid events, atlantis summons, direct mat purchases and mystic vision

We’re guaranteed enough mats from rare quests to max 1 5* rainbow team per year

Do that math. That’s a humongous leap. So it would literally break the game.

I’ve been playing for a few months and like the game but I’ve been in platinum rewards for awhile and seem to not be getting any! I defeated 5 titans and got the reward which was so low for a chest it takes a week to complete! Just won a war and got only a leather armor with a victory and. Top 4 attacker in alliance. I’m getting to a point where I need 7 fine gloves 5 rings and other ascension items and it seems I will never get there. I guess I will be having to quit playing because I have spent money I. This game and seem to be punished for doing so. disappointing.

Game takes patience and grinding

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I never thought about this, but that makes sense. Maxing my 3rd tier 5*s just to let them sit and wait for mats will build up heroes I could use to feed them when they ascend. It does work quite seamlessly. Of course I have a bunch of other heroes that could use leveling while I wait as well

After 15 months i always have a backstock of mats

Sure I’m short the ones i want sometimes but i still have mats

I think you may have missed the point I made… Not just rare acention mats… How about the rare crafting items as well… Oh well what did I expect… The only people I seem to see defending them is peopke that already have great rosters… Is this fear of losing ranking because now f2p and c2p have a chance to compete? Certainly looks that way reading the responses accross the forum.

yes petrified of players who started a year after me :roll_eyes:

You caught me :roll_eyes:

Want craft mats? Learn how to spend your world energy efficiently. Not that hard. Everyone else does it, you can too. Just do a tidbit of reading(i know they’re big words, but i think you’ll manage, could be wrong)

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I fluctuate between f2p and c2p (through vip, have never bought gems or specials). I also agree with rigs, the addition of so many mats would break the game.

I realise we live in a world of instant gratification (these game’s business model depends upon it) but with patience comes reward. Nothing I have is anything other than anything anyone could have (my 5* all came from tc20), my ascension mats (I finally have a rainbow 5) all came from chests and quests.

I never aim to rank high in events but contribute to titan and war damage. I can, if so inspired, raid to a decent level (I sniffed top 150 once, didnt last long).

I horde any tokens for events to increase my chances of an interesting hero. I spend any gems on Atlantis for the same reason.

And regardless of adding short cuts to people like me f2p/c2p I can confidently say it wont matter to us, we will never close the gap to the whales, if we could this game wouldn’t make money.

Personally I still enjoy the game, my wins are measured on lesser terms and I am a patient person. Ergo, happy as things stand. I dont see a fraud or a con or idiot dev, rather I see a fun game that people of different spending levels can enjoy if they are realistic.

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Wow. Unfortunately… We have a pot and kettle situation here… Obviously you must have trouble reading as well… Or you would have read this.

Lol didnt miss it just dont find it believable.

Just because you spent w/e and didnt get an item for 2 weeks(which without data is already heresay) doesnt you mean you farmed efficiently

Nice try though :wink:

Riiiight. On payroll much?

Just to add some data…focused on unfarmable items.

Lol if i was on payroll, we wouldn’t be talkin

Fair enough, that being said maybe you ought to let the devs defend themselves instead of doing their job for them.

Hopefully we we will see them address this and future issues instead of hiding behind the player base.

I’m not a moderator, but having kept up with this thread, just a gentle reminder that discussing/debating ideas (civilly) is always ok, but discussing/debating people and whether they are reasonable for holding an idea or opinion often risks devolving into an unproductive conversation, and possibly needing moderation.

Just a friendly reminder not to careen off the cliff. :slight_smile:

Back to discussion…


The problem is, we as players have probably grown up playing games that were required to be good to sell copies. Games developed by real developers who actually care about their customers satisfaction and their own personal reputations. Welcome to the modern age of gaming. Shady developers who prey on people with gambling addictions and couldn’t care less about individual customers satisfaction. The sooner you realize you are just a breathing credit card to these people, the happier you will be with the game.

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