When you will fix RNG and rewards system?

Today I opened Nature elemental chest and war chest and get only useless crap! From 4 possible rare ascension items I got 3 tall boots!!! Is that so hard to modify algorithm so player cant get 2 same rare ascension items??? Why did you create elemental chests when rewards in most rewards are useless??? Why titan chest exists?? Players need at least 5 days to complete that chest only to get nothing useful??? Are you so greedy?

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I’m glad you chose a rational approach

You’d be surprised how many people choose to go irrational and act surprised they don’t see results


@Milic90 I think it’s safe to say you’re not alone in frustration from getting bad loot from chests. I know I’ve had my fair share too.

Thankfully the randomness seems to balance out eventually…but it would be nice if it were a bit less random.

@Kerridoc said it well once, so I’ll just quote him:

If you’d like to commiserate, there are literally hundreds of posts about bad chest loot, some of which can be found in these larger threads:

Hopefully it helps to know you’re not alone…and that eventually it usually balances out.


I will agree that titan chests are about the most ridiculous thing in this game, and that is saying something. 5 days to earn a chest minimum and your reward is a practice sword and a few gems…but here, for the low low price of $100 you can BUY ascension items…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. It’s no wonder I am taking a temporary leave from this game to see if I still want to play it…I think I already know the answer, but we will see

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Sucks to see ya go chuck

I dont exactly think SG are the idiots :smile:

management aka business :money_with_wings:

best to see the bright side: you play this game more :slight_smile:


Its not greed - its called a business with the desire to be profitable - a desire that just got them to be acquired for a half a Billion dollars.

No. It’s actually greed. Why defend them when you’re getting screwed as well. Sad.

Who gets screwed how?

No one has to buy gems. They choose to buy gems. When they do, they know exactly what their getting. Odds are posted.

If i buy a $100 scratchoff ticket and it’s a loser does that mean the state lottery screwed me? Or does it mean i knew i had low odds and took a gamble anyways then looked for someone to blame because my decision couldn’t possibly be my fault?



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Really bad idea to start a thread with insults but I agree RNG in this game is weird. For example, one of my alliance friends says she gets an epic token with almost every titan. Me and another teammate, we don’t see them pretty much ever, except as an event reward. There a lot of such moments in the game when you really have to wonder about RNG algorithms.

One should not be frustrated due to a game.
There are many more important things on the globe :wink:

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Calling the devs idiots in the thread title?

Always the best way to have anything you have to say dismissed immediately.



Agreed. Insults not good. But I however do understand the frustration of players when the dev NEVER respond to or address the issues that are repeatedly brought up. Seemingly the just have the “mods” and others on the payroll to defend their shady practices. The only way the status quo is EVER going to change is if paying customers quit defending their practices. Certainly glad that I’m C2P, not p2p. I can only imagine if I was paying hundreds to thousands a month.

Just FYI while we’re defusing insults, the forum moderators aren’t paid, and don’t work for SG. They’re just players who volunteer to help out.

So question away on the merits of actual SG staff behavior and SG policies, just wanted to clarify to leave the “mods” out of it. :slight_smile:


Of course they won’t respond. What are you looking for them to respond with? “Sure no problem, I’ll make that change for you” or “ok, let me fix it so you get more of … " or " sure, here you go, here’s more …”. Whatever they respond with, if they do, will only generate more frustrated people with comments.

I was spending 100s a month and didnt come to the forum to rant about bad odds.

A gamble is a gamble. Everyone knows what they’re doing when they roll the dice.

If i go to a casino and play the slots(which i dont due to bad odds :wink: ) and lost 100s of dollars pressing their little button, I’m probably going to chalk it up as a loss and hope for better luck next time or never try again.

But i definitely won’t call their office and rant about them making money hand over fist from my poor decisions

One explanation:

They Gacha money
You Gach squat

It’s quite simple if every rare chest contained at least 1 rare item we would all be happy
Right now I need everything
Rings potions tabard orb gloves compass telescope I have all colours on the final stretch and am waiting for materials but meanwhile I’m leveling up everything else so eventually I will have a complete max level roster cause tier 1 to 3 I have enough material to feed the pigs lol rare ones come very slowly I’m managing to ascend 1 rare hero a month !!! I skip chests to speed up process as much as possible but I really would love that all chests or at least 1 in the end it takes 6 rings for example so still would take some time !!!


Rng is fine , you need to be consistent examples in there :you have bad days like this

Then you have good days like this

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