When you will fix randomize algorithm

Its not possible to play normally game with this ■■■■ of randomize algorithm. I needed to buy 34 troop tokens in row to get 1 tier IV troops!!! Got 3 daily summons, 2 tier one hero and one troop tier i, got buy elemental summon and got tier 3 hero, buy epic troop summon and got tier 3 troops. Level up hero with special up chances with 70% then 28% and both failed. And that all happens in few minutes!! How to play game with this ■■■■ of algorithm. Constantly getting same crap heroes, crap troops. Where is the randomize in this game???

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The randomize is quite random.


Let’s explain it in simple terms:

Make a list of 100 numbers with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the proportion 60 1s, 30 2s, 8 3s and 2 4s.
Now ask someone to pick a random index from that list.

You’ll get a 1 about 60% of the time, a 2 about 30% of the time, a 3 about 8% of the time and a 4 about 2% of the time.

This is not the fault of the random number picker. This is simply the odds of you getting those numbers.

So understand the odds of actually getting a 4* and decide if that’s worth your investment to get one.

These are not the actual odds. It’s a contrived example.


I agree that the randomization in this game stinks. Over 40% of my heros and 60% of my troops are purple. Betting on Dark is a safe bet for me.

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That’s a classic symptom of randomness, not an indication that something is wrong. If the same were true for everyone that would be an indication that something was wrong.

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What needs fixing is not the algorithm, but the summon page descriptions which make people think they have the same chances for Joon as for Dawa, for 4* troops as for 3* troops, etc.


While I understand and appreciate that randomness leads to more fairness overall, it is absolutely frustrating on an individual basis. It is the model of the game which underpins all of its functions. There really is no fix.


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