When you should be over the moon

There are many things in EP that is rare and you should be over the moon :crescent_moon:
Then you simply are not.

Ascension mats are rare yippee!

You look like a horder.

But this really the only hero you have to use them on.

What is your “I should be over the moon story?”


When I already have both…


Two years ago I got 2 buddies, mother north, and Santa
One year ago I got two Santa’s and none of the other.

Also the one challenge event legendary hero I have is guardian owl.

Fwiw I would ascend quintus there. Unless you have a ton of heroes you can use him in rush.


I currently have 57 combined heroes that is either 4* with 18 or more emblems or fully levelled 5* (some also with emblems)

My biggest block with quintis is not the fact that he is a S1 hero or that he is slow.

It is the simple fact that other than direct damage he does nothing.
All the other S1 slow heroes at least add something, def down, attack down, blind, something

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Hahaha! Thank you!
I mean… I’m sorry.
but, this was a great scroll! When those 28 tabs popped-up you made my day!

Save up for the challenge event. That should be a good shot for you to get your Dark 5*, good luck.

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Thought it’d take forever to ascend another legendary blue after I final ascended Isarnia, but in the past month, I’ve gotten four scopes - two from MV, one from a war win (not the chest, just a regular win, which I didn’t even know was possible), and one from Frostmarch. That brought me back to six, and then I realized that I don’t really want to ascend Richard or Russula, my only two options. I already use Thorne regularly on my blue mono team, so I don’t really need Richard, and although both Richard and Russula seem OK on defense, Krampus has my blue spot on defense on lockdown - like, forever! I’ve always been one to play with who you have, not who you want, but I’ve decided to just level Frank (and costume), Zila Lei, and one or both of my Valerias from Halloween and see what else shakes out by then. Maybe my HA 10 will deliver, or I’ll hit gold during the Challenge Festival.

I tend to agree with this. You could max him and still have enough tabards for 3 and a half more purples.

I know Thorne isn’t slow, but he’s the same way, and I use him a lot. Since I usually go mono, I’ve got a significant attack boost with Krampus, and multiple options for def down (Isarnia, Grimm, and C. Kiril), so doing damage is all I really need him to do. Emblem him along the attack path and let him drop the hammer. Doing the same thing with my Quintus now. Granted, I’m FTP, with all that entails, so my perspective is probably different from most.

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I cannot write this stuff! Got a rare Harpy, i am like taking A+ for the team, we all know you never get anything good there


When I got C-Sartana from HA10… Just my third C-Sartana (got a C-Sartana previously from two different Costume Chambers). :rofl:


My first Guardians event, while pulling for Jackal, I scored Guardian Panther instead; such a happy accident :blush: I was thrilled! & I pulled Jackal two events later anyway, so nevermind him :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

However, two years later, I attempted to pull someone new [in that portal]. So, while trying for Gazelle (or literally any other Guardian 5*) who pops outta the portal? Panther

*Sigh* Well, she makes a great dupe I suppose…

So then, last Guardians, I, again, attempted to pull anyone not named Panther, and who do I pull?

Not one, but two more Panthers


I have no other Guardian 5* except my four Panthers. I mean, I really can’t really complain, as I know many would love even one, but also… why?!?!

Now, I’m curious whether I can break this Panther curse before Guardians is retired for good…

C’mon Gazelle, come to mama :heart_eyes_cat:

(Also, my five Master Lepus, and zero Killhare, say hello :kissing_heart:)


Quintus was my first 5* Purple. I didn’t really know a lot back then so I ascended him as he was a 5*. Then I came to the forum and saw everyone trashing Quintus and felt 100% deflated.

Well…what was done was done so I figured I had to try and make him work. I maxed his emblems (slowly, this was back “in the day” where emblems were scarcer and they cost more food and iron to do). Then costumes came along and I got Tibs and Rigard early so did them. Quintus starts to feel a bit better.

Then I got very lucky…Guardian Panther appears…I had 6 Tabbards again by then so my second Purple 5* gets ascended.

Then when Quintus fires it was game over. The damage output was crazy.

Time has moved on and he’s now sadly been replaced but for I think maybe 1 year he was used in everything…I got through S2 using him, I used him in wars and I got a team together that helped him to fire. I learnt how to use a slow hero.

So sure, there’s a lot of very amazing Purple 5* out there but I don’t regret ascending him and tbh if I ever got his costume I’d level that and I’d probably load him with emblems again for rush wars.

If you have over 20 Tabbards and he’s sat there you are missing out. Fire him after C.Rigard and either version of Tibs (Costume is better but let’s not assume everyone has Kissburtis) and look at the damage output. It’s still pretty awesome.


That was the situation I was in. No legendary heroes to level. Plenty of tabards. F2p so no plan to get a new dark hero. Leveled quintus. He only gets used in rush war and not even every time then.

Through strange luck I got two victors and a kage. I now don’t have enough mats for dup victor. I wish I could take them away from quintus.

But I’m glad I made the decision when I did. I don’t “need” a second victor so I can wait. I’ll keep using quintus from time to time. You gotta work with what you’ve got.


Maybe you’ll get C-Panther from the challenge festival then. :see_no_evil:

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I got 2 5* Ninjas!


For me it is Margaret.

Got my first Margaret as my first HotM Bonus summon ever! After a year of playing the curse was finally broken.

Got my second Margaret from Hero academy recently.

Well guess what legendary hero I got from the black friday summon? Margaret!

If I ever get enough Emblems I’d max nr. 2… got plenty of tonics as all other green heroes tend to avoid me.


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