When you go to vacation

I don’t know how you do it but I play this game for 2 years and a half already and I still do.
When I go to vacation, well, it’s vacation. I don’t touch my phone - have other things to touch, that’s for sure.
So for that I put my game in lazy work mode, planning all slow production, things that I want to do but cannot when I’m in a rush and I want to upgrade a hero right now, you know, the usual.

Here it is my vacation plan:

So when I’m coming back, I expect to see at least 1000 heroes.
My only problem is I will have to tap 1000 times for each freaking hero.
E&P din’t care about my idea of collecting all production with one tap - my fingers will be so sore, I told you, I have other things to touch in this vacation :slight_smile:

See you all after, have a fun summer!

That is not right…you only tap once for one particular hero…not 10 times for 10 Aife


So he’d only have to tap once for 1000 Aife.

believe me, they don’t come in packs of 10, random is at its best there
my fingers are the proof


Actually if you have 1000+ backlogged they likely will. However, you won’t be able to draw 1000 in one shot anyway unless you have a MASSIVELY HUGE hero cap.


I agree to tap 100 times, but it’ll not be like that, for sure

in fact there will be 3000 of them at the end
plus ~70 TC20

Here’s the answer.


^^^ This

I did a same color, 1 day, power leveling of a rainbow 5* 3.70 team and my fingers are still tender a week later.

Used 28.15 million food and 2,816x Extra low cost training ( 1* / 2* heroes).


You should have used the bobbing bird :rofl:

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No, he can only go the max for hero slots. Then he has to eat those feeders and repeat.

I’m doing the same thing as the OP. I am going to be gone for 4 months, so I have 3 TC20 going right now, and am adding daily to the cache. At least I will be able to maximize my time away. It is going to suck on the back end when I am ham broke and am just trying to use up all the excess.

4 months, wow. Expect to have about 18 cups when you get back :smile:

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You dont have to tap the + just hold the finger on it and they will add in to you cant turn any more in. Ending at 0 or 1.

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