When You finish perfect team, What to do?

Although I don’t have ALL great heroes, I always think that it’s easy for me to win almost all 2600+ diamond raids.

With normal board(Just 2 or 3 on color matches), I can beat Top100 users without a problem.

When I finished my 3/1/1 team(against Green/Yellow/Purple tank), there are no reason to pull or level another heroes for raids.

Not just in raids, world farming is not difficult at all(Finished all S3 hard stages without any problems).

Maybe, there are some players like me.

I’m curious about why heavy players keep pulling and leveling heroes.

I’d appreciate it if you comment your opinion or thinking about this topic.

Thank you!:grin:

I wouldn’t say I have the ‘perfect’ team but I’m in the same boat as you. I win most raids aside from terrible boards, Nothing on the world map is hard, all caught up as far as I can go including s3 hard.

I just keep leveling heroes for variety and to try out different teams. Also to have heroes for all the different types of raid tournaments, especially slow heroes who really shine during them.


That’s exactly what I currently do.

Like you said, there are still something to improve(Tournament, Seasonal events act).

But at some point, I feel boring compared to a year ago game playing.

BTW, thank you for your comment!

Build 5 more “perfect teams” for war!


Variety is the spice of life.
Level different heroes and swap them about to challenge yourself.
What is the point of playing a game where you win everything easy


I guess hero leveling would become pointless the moment you’d have 6 x 5* +20 mono teams in each color, but I doubt anyone will ever acomplish that…


I’m not a “heavy player”, but my goal is to build up at least 30 strong heroes for wars.

Useful for more than just wars! Having a wide variety of leveled heroes also makes it possible to score higher titan hits, complete quests easier, more options to use in raids, greater ability to complete emblem trials, ToL, etc.

I guess if you spent a lot early on and already leveled up all the heroes you’ll ever need, then yeah, the game could become boring eventually.

I’m not that rich or lucky personally. I still have a long way to go before I can easily one shot everything in my path. :laughing:


HaHa, definitely can’t accomplish within few years.

This topic is just what I have NOW.

Still, there are lots of heroes that I don’t have and want to get.

But it’s also true that I don’t need any NEW heroes to become more competitive user(Cause I have 6 great war attack teams too).

That’s ridiculous topic I know, it’s something like grumble.

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People keep summoning because it’s addicting. They want the newest shiny toy despite actual need. They justify it with the factual power creep.

But if I were you I’d focus on troops. Getting three sets of mana troops leveled per color is going to be the biggest differential. Fancy new heroes don’t mean anything if they can’t fire.


The rule of the game keeps changing as new players, events etc are introduced. The more you have the more you can counter and adapt to changes. Over time the best team gets weaker.


Every 6 months or so new stronger heroes are released. The new HOTM in beta are already in another level, comparing with almost every HOTM of this year, specially Reuben.

You should enjoy your perfect team as long it can take down anyone until new and stronger tanks and support flanks are released. Like expect a new combo like Tells was.

Maxing troops is a forever job to do also. Maxing 4s and 3s for events too.

Congratulations anyway. Being happy with your team’s is the most important.


Diversity for war can never be finished. Last war I didn’t use Ursena+20, Magni+7, Freya+15 or Vivica+18. For where my guild is though I feel rather finished with my heroes and have spending at an absolute minimum. If I wanted to join a top 50 guild I would feel that I’m falling behind and would be inclined to spend again but focusing on other things in life now. Will probably quit when my yearly vip pass runs out.

This post was both a yes and no really. You can be finished depending on personal preferences (maybe even opted out of war). For a top 10 guild you would need to spend and improve your roster to stay updated.

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That’s true!

In my alliance, I normally beat 6 enemies(Not always of course) with over 300 war points.

Although my alliance is far from strong, I love to being a member of outstanding Titan & War killer.

That’s impossible if I join the Top100 alliance.

I totally forgot the importance of alliance.

Thank you for reminding me!

For me, a perfect team of heroes is one that can autoplay all last stages hardmode of all 3 seasons.


Would be helpful if you defined your “perfect team”

There are various reasons why you might stay motivated to keep playing.

Maybe you want to focus on getting the best possible five heroes of each colour for Titan slaying.

Maybe you want to deepen your bench for wars.

You could focus on only developing slow and very slow heroes so that you can dominate rush tournaments.

Some people will enjoy continuing to play because of the “gotta catch 'em all” feeling of being a collector.

For me, it’s a little bit of everything. But I admit I no longer get that same buzz when I pull a strong 5*

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