When you facing alliance with more people

It is really unfair to let them have along with more hits also more score per hit.

Example (our last war):
Our war score is 400k, 21 people in alliance.
Our enemies score is 440k, 25 members, but 2 of them are not participating. So 23.

It is not only 12 bonus hits they have, we could stand it. Most unfair thing is that all our oneshots are 9-10% less effective than their. Our Score for oneshot is approximately 65 points. And it is 72 points on their side.

It is last stage of alliance development. We and our anemies have a lot of Guins, GM’s etc. - top defences. We have 6 teams to attack. And most hits are oneshots.

More complected alliance with more players and more hits also gets bonus score for every hit.
Hypothetically if everyone of us and them do 100% oneshots they’ll get much more score. Their cap for score is much higher than our.


What all that mechanics about? Maybe we need mechanism to pair alliances with same number of players? Or if it is impossible, at least take away that bonus score for less players?

Sry for my Eng.

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