When will you hang up the Cape

I’ve seen several players leave this game for their own reasons. I just wanted to know if you guys the community of E&P will be here till the door closes on the app or if it may be something either side or trivial that makes you say “It was nice , but time to say good bye”.

We’ve all invested mainly time :alarm_clock: into this game, others part of their pa​:moneybag:y cheques. We’ve made friends or people we may consider close , but will that be enough to keep us here till the end of time…

I personally will :running_man: hang up the Cape, if either:

  • The misses :couple: tells me it’s either E&P or me, or
  • I do a 10x pull :gem:for Atlantis and hero 10x pull and don’t get a single featured hero on that banner , but that’s just me

Edit: I’ve played several games till they died in the app store : Marvel : WOH card game , Pirates : Dice King, DOT, Rage of Dragons, and a few others I can’t remember

Til the doors close. I’m stubborn that way! :joy:


I plan on bein here until SG forces me out lol

How, when, and if that happens is all up to them


When the ratio of drudgery to fun gets too high. This ratio can be improved by:

  • Reducing drudgery through more quality-of-life enhancements, such as tabbed hero rosters, hiding irrelevant heroes during leveling or war-setting, a “collect all” button to pick up all the food, iron and forgings, etc. sure each of these saves only a few clicks or swuipes, but i find myself spending a full hour each morning and another in the evening (on two accounts).
  • Increasing fun, mostly with new content.

My wife loves me and puts up with a lot of dorky stuff (this game, gaming conventions, Star Wars Destiny CCG) but if I start wearing a cape, that will be a problem for my second wife.


Have to do it the second time. This! Exactly what I want. Don’t care about new heroes or events but such changes would fill my heart with joy :green_heart: :joy:


Agreed . I would appreciate that collect all button any given day. think TC 19 with 80 heroes… Click , click , click …

Any thing that enhances or makes enjoyment would make me keep wearing the cape longer than I would expect !

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Am getting tired of farming. Even the monster chest took 2 days to fill up.
Is this the sign of hanging up a cape sooner?


When I run out of humor. Or forget the cape altogether and go streaking through the quad. If my memory serves me, they do not allow cell phones in jail.


Depends on how well you can hide it! :rofl:


It is the vibration that gives it away when sitting on those cold metal benches… :open_mouth:


As a ftp player this is the first time i did a 10x pull - I was excited and anxious but didn’t get a worthy hero except Wilbur😊 who is still an excellent pull. Overall 14 pulls ( the most I’ve ever pulled anywhere and only 1 4* hero. violin solo :violin: unlucky.

In moving forward !! I did a few mono revenge raids and collected 60 heroes from my lv 20 TC, and recored it for your entertainment. I’ll post those tomorrow. I must admit being a rainbow believer, mono is not my style but I have converted. It’s totally fun! :o::o::o::o:

BIG THANKS to the community of this game.:hugs: I enjoy many of the member content posted and I have enjoyed interacting with some of the regulars and nice folks here. ( You know yourselves - i give likes to those responses :+1:)

So I’m going to retire after war ends tomorrow. The game will go on…the fancy new costumes, hero academy, new heroes season3 maybe.

Have a blast playing.:joystick::video_game::selfie:


I’m pretty sure I will be playing this for a loooong while. There’s still many things for me to do here, like being top 100 in the 5 challenge quests (only Wonderland in epic so far), reaching top 100 in trophies, still a lot of missions pending, taking down a 10* Titan myself… oh no wait this wont happen :smile: , pulling a Wu Kong ( please RNG be gentle :pleading_face: ) but anyway, I think SG has still a lot of things to keep me occupied


A featured Atlantis hero was a 1.3% chance. So in a 10 draw you had a 13.8% chance of getting one in your 10 draw… or in other words… an 86.2% chance of not getting a feature hero. So 7 out of 8 10 draws look like that. If that was your criteria for quitting, you never stood a chance.

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I’ve built a good roster, and a decent one on my alt account. They’re fun. When power creep leaves them too far behind, I’ll bow out.


I think the time will come when you see defences fully tiered with emblems. Not sure what the tp will be but imagine it’ll be close to 5k. Raiding will be tough and you’ll probably just see the same 400-500 people at the top constantly. Wars will get even more frustrating for people who are “working on stuff”. It’ll be tough to have all the different combos to take down the various teams for sure.

I’ve spent time in time sinks like this. My tours of duty were spent in World of Warcraft and a F2P mmorpg, a bit in Team Fortress 2, and now this. My past experience tells me that, one day, I’ll just have enough and walk away. I can’t predict the when or why. It’ll just happen one day.

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Considering how long it takes to get and level a full war bench, especially if I want to eventually aim for 30 5*, I’m guessing the game (maybe even the world itself) will end before I’ve accomplished all of my in-game goals.

I play this game probably on average a couple hours a day. More on war days. It’s not my life, or the only game I play. Log on, hit the titan, autoplay some provinces while doing busywork around the house, etc. I’m not a top tier player, nor do I aim to be. I’m realistic. The top tier players have been here longer than me and they spend way more money than I’m willing to. That’s okay. “Pay to win” probably applies if you’re hoping to “win” the game, whatever that means. I have fun leveling my teams and base and participating in wars. It’s exciting when we win a war or I’m lucky enough to pull a cool hero I didn’t already have, but even when things don’t go my way - I shrug and say “oh well, better luck next time”. The longer you go without a good pull, the greater the excitement you feel when you finally get one.

But anyway. I guess my point is, there’s no reason to quit the game. You don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to. I know I’m not going to get any good pulls anyway, so I don’t buy huge gem packs anymore. Raids frustrate me, so I rarely do them. Hitting the titan, participating in wars, leveling your heroes and praying to RNGesus on your level 20 TC cost nothing financially, and don’t require much of a time investment out of your busy day. Hit titan, autoplay province 5, collect loots and hams and iron, fill training camps, rinse, repeat.

It’s really not as hard or as bad as some of you are making it out to be. Seriously guys! Lighten up a little. :smiley:


Perhaps you are right. But I’ve pulled 4*, 5* atlantis heroes with under 5 tries in past. NO sesne in crying over spoiled milk. I’m over it and i kmow you came to see my Mono raids and tc 20 pulls ! Enjoy :sunglasses:

Forgive the quality…downgrading HQ to something uploadable meh.

Green mono

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