When will you fix the Alliance war?

Already all repeatedly wrote about the selection of alliances for the war, but the developers still have not done anything! I already repeatedly wrote, that regardless of victory or loss us with each time, alliances are picking up all stronger and stronger.
And now we picked up the Alliance, which has 18 players have the strength of 3900 + teams, 4 players-3600+, 6 people-3500+, the total score of the Alliance-134000!!! For comparison: in our Alliance 7 players have the strength of the defense team 3900+, 4 players-3600+, 12 people-3400+, 5 people-3200+, the total score of the Alliance-113000! You know, there’s no chance!
But it has repeatedly repeated the same situation: if the Alliance is selected with about the same strength, the crystals in the combo are going just fine, and our tops can defeat opponents with the strength of teams 3900+ 4-6 times, gaining 250 points or more!
However, with a stronger Alliance, the situation is completely different, it seems that the game deliberately plays along with them, and the crystals in the combo practically do not add up, and no matter what scheme the attack is carried out! If the attack is carried out by a team with multi-colored characters, the game intentionally gives crystals in such a way that while I accumulate mana at least one hero, I have the whole team during this time will be destroyed. The same situation with the game schemes 2-2-1 and 3-2. When playing with a one-color team, the situation is even worse: the game for all the time of the battle gives you a combo 1-2 times, and that’s it! We with their teams 3900+ cannot even once to destroy the opponent with the force of a 3600+.
But the opponents destroyed our team one after another, and even the opponent with the power of defense 3500+ kills a few of our players with the defence force 3800+ at a time!!!
The final score of war: 3055 - 6484!!! The opponents 10 players scored more than 300 points each, we have the best player scored only 225 points!
I have once suggested to the developers of the scheme of selection of alliances: each player examines 30 of the most powerful heroes, their forces add up, so each player gets the points of the war, the sum of the forces. And the final points of the war should be formed on the war points of all Alliance players who participate in wars. I was told that about this scheme, alliances and selected, even with the improvements, but then explain how we pick alliances with such force???

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