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I have read multiple comments on why ppl are leaving. I myself have contacted the game via email and to no avail. The developers have gotten way greedy and I feel show favoritism to certain players. They can say all day long that it’s random but when youre spending 100s of dollars to get a hotm or a hero from an event and you see someone get 5 guins in 5 pulls that is ranked way up there and you tell me it’s random? How dare you E and P! My constant complaints of spending a ton of cash for for 10x pulls always seem to go unnoticed even with the last response from them to post them in here. Yeah, you want it posted here for ppl who get all the new heros everytime to start bashing me! But the truth is when someone has to spend 250$ for a hotm (gravemaker) it just goes to show how greedy you are!! I have been playing for over a year and I’m too afraid to look and see what I’ve spent on this game in that amount of time. But I will say this I spent 30$ yesterday and 30$ today and I got 2 4* with the rest being 3* I thought about that and that’s roughly 5 (after taxes) hours of me working in the freaking cold for what? Feeders? Feeders that I have no problem getting from any of the 4 level 20 training camps I have! I will say this and I’m done. TO ANY NEW COMERS leave as fast as you can. I know the game is fun and all the new heros look cool as heck. But you will not get a single one unless you’re in with “click” or you spend a ridiculous amount of money!!! It will be the best decision you have ever made trust me. An to you E and P if you actually read stuff tell me I’m lying… Like how no one can ever get into beta testing unless you know someone!! I’ve been around long enough to have heard the stories. I will unfortunately continue to play because at this point I already have one of my kids college tuition tied up in this game. But, I will never spend another hard earned red penny on this game!!! I can make my on 3* heros all day!!!

Lol think I’m far from being considered a favorite, my luck has vastly varied in this game. I’ve done a single pull and recieved 2 drakes before, but then turned around later and spent over $500 for gravemaker with no luck. Spent the same for ares with no luck. I have 5 alasie, multiple drakes, khionas, and aegirs along with other good 5* but i never know when i will get them or if i will get them.

Sure maybe the cost and result ratio are a little harsh, but i wouldnt go as far as calling people favorites. I’ve seen other players not spend nearly as much and get some heros i wanted but I’ve seen players spend much more than me chasing a hero i have, sometimes even a hero i have duplicates of. It is truly luck of the draw. You might spend 5 bucks and get the hotm, you might spend 1000 and get the hotm, what’s best to do is say “this is what this hero is worth to me, if i get it then great but if not then I’ll save for the next one” and shift focus to what you have and not what you dont have.

I have been frustrated plenty of times for spending and spending and spending chasin a hero, just like I’ve been frustrated at the casino throwing money into the same machine expecting a return on my investment. It’s a gamble, fair and simple. At the end of the day, we have no one else to blame but ourselves for the money we’ve lost.

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The odds are stated and no one is favoured. The decision to spend money is up to you. Im glad you are sensible enough to stop spending if you feel like you don’t get what you want for you money. But honestly i dont think a post like this will benefit you in any constructive way. Try to enjoy what you have accumulated and dont worry too much about getting a new shiny toy to play with. Have fun with the game, It’s what its purpose is :slight_smile:


I’m a nobody and I received 3 GMs on less than 10 pulls. Its all RNG, I almost never do more than 10 pulls and I miss some HoTM and get others. Same with event 5 stars, which I seem to miss far more often but I still have managed to get two. If you are spending 100’s $ and it seems painful, I would stop spending that much. Its much more fun when the pain stops.

I feel they show favortism to certain players

My constant complaints of spending a ton of cash for for 10x pulls always seem to go unnoticed

We’ll I have no proof they don’t show favoritism but we all also have no proof that they do. When I see top players with the $50 VIP pass and also know they spend an additional $100-$600 trying to get event heroes instead of accepting bad luck and just keep going it makes skeptical they’re being favored though.

Also, what do you mean by “go unnoticed?” The odds of getting certain types of heroes is now disclaimed like we’ve been asking for, for quite awhile. Yeah, the odds for legendaries is so dang low but atleast now we can make informed decisions before we make attempts. Are you asking for your odds to be increased because of how much you spend?—because that would actually be showing favoritism.

Yeah, you want it posted here for ppl who get all the new heros everytime to start bashing me!

Im not sure what you are saying here.

But the truth is when someone has to spend $250 for a hotm (gravemaker) it just goes to show how greedy you are!!

Two points. First. No one has to spend any amount. Some people get a hotm for free as a bonus from one epic token. (I have seen it posted here on the forum.). Some people are luckier than others. Some people have lucky streaks for months followed by unlucky streaks.

In September, I did single pulls trying to get HOTM Khiona and i got her as a bonus pull on my third try. Some people did 20 pulls and didnt get her. October I did a couple of gem pulls on the seasonal summon + I used 3 or 4 epic hero tokens and got no legendary heroes or new event heroes. You win some and you lose some.

Second. If getting a specific hotm means so much to you that you’re spending greater than you’re comfortable spending— its on you to take a step back and figure out why that is. I understand it sucks but if you’re prone to over spending on chances you need to set a limit. Since this game is rng/gambling your limit shouldn’t be how much you are willing to pay to get what you want; your limit should be how much you’re willing to lose and not get the prize. I know its probably easier said than done for some people but personal responsibility is a major factor in this

TO ANY NEW COMERS leave as fast as you can. I know the game is fun and all the new heros look cool as heck. But you will not get a single one unless you’re in with “click” or you spend a ridiculous amount of money!!!

Well, if you’re a newcomer all the legendaries and most of the epics are new to you. Can’t put into words how estatic I was a few months ago when I pulled Boldtusk from an epic token.

I already did my best to make the point above about not having to spend money to get newer heroes but it sure as hell puts you at an advantage. I do think a happy medium/compromise is keeping the event and seasonal heroes in the portals and letting the HOTM be obtainable with the level 20 TC.—(even if they were only available for the second half of the month, and the portals were the only way to get the full month to try and try in the beginning I think it would be more fair)

Personally, I found the game fun even before I eventually started buying the $4.99 VIP pass (900 diamonds + helps you get TC20 way faster) and the cheap event deals (gives a couple hundred gems at a $1 per 100 rate.—Which is a better rate than every gem bundle in the shop, besides the $100 one_)
If the game wasn’t fun I wouldn’t of even of continued playing let alone spend some of my real money.

Some people who spend and aren’t even cheap-to-play, halt spending and find the game is more fun while free. Finding out new ways of making what you have work is possible and enjoyable for some people.

To be honest while I do think this game is pretty money hungry despite making tons and tons of profit, it seems to me that SG has been trying to help out its free and cheap players a little more lately and make the game more fun. Season 2 came out, it has its own way of allowing free pulls, it came with a new way to eventually get unfarmable-ascension items, i think they want to make an additional event, rare missions to get u-ascension items seems to be less rare than when I first joined(am i right or wrong here?), drop rates seem to be better, and since titan loot was sucking butt they implemented the war chest as additional way to get u-ascension items. I also think I read somewhere that they’re considering implementing new building tasks and missions for the older players with totally completed empires


It’s a weird and broken RNG that spits out multiple 5* heroes quite often and then has to make up for it with long streaks of rubbish.

I don’t believe it favors anyone. It’s just bad odds coupled with bad RNG

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I said it and I reproduce it and you can believe it or not, they are scheduled to look at the spending history to retain heroes. In addition, to boost more spending, are increasing the chances of falling hotm in free players and very low spenders, just read the forum to see the many who are falling with chips for free or in one, two or 3 runs, is absolutely unlikely with the announced rate, so much exception. Now the usual, tests, blah, blah, as if we did not have all eyes.

I am about to spend $100 for the calendar offer. This is the first time I will have spent that in a lump and the second time my monthly spend has gotten that high. It will be my last spend except for the monthly 1000 gems in five pieces which I will always buy.

I have reached a point where I don’t see a need for more. Not mad at sG as they promised nothing.

First ten pull of the month tonight and i got the hotm. Just got last month hotm last weekend. Got 2 of the hotm before that in 1 10x pull. I’m a pretty regular spender so not seein what you’re talkin about.

Sometime you should take off the tinfoil hat, really makes life a whole lot more enjoyable. By the way in case you didn’t hear it yet, devs are rumored to be part of the Illuminati

Read up how probabilities and statistics work.

It might change your world. :smile:


Keep your tinfoil hat and sprouting conspitacy theories all day long.


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