When will the update go active?

I can see that we have the current version of the game released, but when will the update actually go live? Is it a technical issue or waiting in downloads issue.

I know we have a lot of speculation, but players have been spending gems on competing missions faster because the update launched and you sent out the in game mail…could please give us an update on when to expect the change so we don’t needlessly spend gems on chests to speed up the refresh rate. Thank you!


My game just forced the update today. I’d suspect tomorrow or Monday.

Edit - I assume you mean the goblin balloon. Other items are live. Most obvious is the online indicator.

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Tak wskaźnik jest aktywny ale balon nie…

The goblin balloon is not a normal occurrence.
What I have learned so far cannot be brought to the loot boxes with gems.
Real money only so wait and see if it’s even worth it.
There are no heroes there either.

My first globin balloon at least

But … Wowwwww, there is a problem …


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