When will the new recruitment for the beta program start?

I’m looking for response. And I have nothing.

follow the #news-announcements section they will post a topic once it opens
it was last open in last feb under this topic Empires & Puzzles Beta Program is Accepting New Testers (February 2019) [CLOSED]

and i have moved your topic outside from the ideas section


You can have all the previews here on the forum the same way.
Be part of beta only makes you salty that they don’t hear your suggestion.

You don’t lose much, trust me.


ok, I have my head full of ideas because I have been playing applications for about 2 years. it is not about money. I like to feel needed. thanks again. whisper a good word about me …

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Welcome to the forum. Btw - it’s difficult to whisper a good word about you if you are brand new to the forum.

Good luck with raising your profile.


When the rest of the current ones rage quit lol

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Last i heard they were filtering in from active player lounge.

They invite players there then toss em a beta app

At least that’s the experience of a few of the most recent additions

To get into active player lounge, it takes a saint, a whale, or a novelist from what i can tell


you heard true, and you dont need to have access to the APL before joining the beta as both might come at the same time


I’ve lost interest in either one personally

Active player lounge part of the forum is pretty much dead

Beta is overrated

Regular game, regular forum, and Line are the better uses of time and could even be considered more effective by looking at the problems with the beta program from the past year. It took public forum and regular players to get some of the issues addressed and fixed which just further reflects the feelings Elpis expressed above


thank you. now I will start to help something … the problem is that technical things like card errors in the game are not noticeable to me. :wink: there are much bigger problems such as the current moderation of Empires chat.

I will be waiting in line. best regards. Peter

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In the past I wanted to be part of beta program. But somehow lost interest. All info (except photos) we have here. To me it is enough. Did not want me in beta? Fine. I will not even try again. SG even not saying thanks to participants. People are spending time and company even can not send pre-made text - sorry we have better candidate for beta testing, or something like that. Good luck.

just wait the right moment and apply. we’ll wait we’ll see! ears up my friend. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I thought about applying. I would be an asset. However, reading about the direction of SGG Devs and the low level they value feedback, is disheartening. I don’t think I want to participate for this reason. I need to feel appreciated and be valued for the work I do.

I read this forum and my head is cracking. only regrets no one would praise anyone for trying. meanwhile I’ll be the first! great applause for what you are doing here. keep doing this. :wink:

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Critical Bugs


SGG is running a critical bug Beta not an early feedback Beta.

Only HotM balance feedback is ever acted upon.


So, I have a chance :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Me too. lol :wink: :wink: :wink: