When will Telluria and Vela get costumes?

Now that costumes are coming for heroes that you generally only feel a sense of relief at getting, that renders them less the prize that you thought, and after many people chased and chased and chased…(seems like only yesterday…oh wait, it was yesterday!!!)
Maybe its time for Telluria and Vela and maybe Frigg’s and Odin’s. You would have to put less thought into it than normal, you can just put them pack to pre-nerf.

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I think they will not do Telly and Vela costumes soon. And if they do, I do not think than Telluria will become a good healer again.

Finley came out same month as telluria and Vela is therefore slightly older so all bets are off surely. Killhare is even more recent and has a costume in the pipeline. It’s all about cash so why not give them both a costume wait for the cash to roll in then nerf them again

What would even be the point trying to get them? Just going to nerf them 2 months after come out because people will complain. Save your money and buy something tangible.


I love to see the nerf threads on that one , pro nerfers probably have there complaints ready to go in on clip board

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I was gonna say something, but honestly, it just reminded me how “smart” it was for them to think costuming the heroes the community practically praises for their skills at their current states baffles me. Instead of doing heroes that aren’t given a lot to do, albeit they thought making Wu Kong the equivalent of Jack O’Hare at AVERAGE speed and rushing the last round of costumes has me think they might not care so much as trying to get all their new and uncalled for content out the door.

To answer the question, Idk. But I can see Vela being a sorcerer who somehow both drowns the whole team but also debuffs them with Norns’ debuff too! 150% damage. Telluria? She a wizard. She still summons minions for everyone, but she now restricts everyone from gaining mana instead of reducing its generation. 200% damage. And they gain secondary innate abilities (like how Bertilla has two innate abilities rn). /j

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