When will sh24 come [Poll]

  • Before 2020
  • In 2020 but before Easter
  • In 2020 between Easter and Haloween
  • Later

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I read this When are upgrades for Stronghold 24 and 25 (SH24/SH25) going to be released? [ANSWER: Not Announced Yet] and thought why not a poll

I would rephrase the question with relation to Hero Academy being released/other events, i.e. “When would you like to see SH24 be released?”

  • Before 2020
  • Before Hero Academy
  • Before Season 3
  • Before version 26

Will it be before or after Brexit? :thinking:


Before airport BER will be completed… german players will understand


I’m not German but I know the joke :rofl:

Very optimistic people among the voters; me included :joy:

I’ll be more optimistic once I see Hero Academy in beta. Until then, there’s no reason for them to release SH24. Sure, players would like it, but what’s the incentive for SG? It’s not like there are players that will quit because of this. Meanwhile, the whales who speed through build times will have to spend more if SH24 is bundled with the Hero Academy release.

Also, as a design perspective, they could change the cost to build/research the Hero Academy by altering how many advanced buildings are unlocked in SH24 and SH25. Not releasing SH24 until the Hero Academy bundle also gives them this type of flexibility.

If they release SH24 now, it will be the first thing they do for the free 2 play community…

So, no. I don’t expect to be released soon

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