When will SG accellerate emblems speed?

As it is for now it is 3 months and i have 5 5* heroes on tier 3 and 5 4 star on tier 7-9.

So my first 5* will be at 20 in 1.75 years… My first maxed 4 star is to be expected in another 4 months. Thats a lot of time!

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I’m at 13 months and my highest 4* troop is lvl 16. When will SG accelerate troop speed?


You are both on the same path I am at about 14 months in with both emblems and troops.

Granted it is a grind but the troop leveling specifically is garbage. You need to wait to find them and then get nothing for XP even when you do.

Emblems are new and the numbers above are correct. A little more frequently would be nice. I just passed 2000 total emblems.

Sorcerer Natalya 209
Rogue Khiona 201
Barbarian Grimm 184
Druid Caedmon 196
Monk Joon 184
Wizard Onatel 198
Ranger Lianna 221
Cleric Rigard 181
Paladin Sonya 213
Fighter Boldtusk 221
Total: 2008
4* Level Color
Mana 14 Purple
Crit 12 Purple
Mana 7 Purple
Mana 13 Yellow
Mana 6 Yellow
Mana 13 Blue
Crit 12 Blue
Crit 8 Blue
Crit 1 Blue
Mana 1 Blue
Mana 13 Green
Crit 11 Green
Mana 8 Green
Mana 13 Red
Mana 9 Red
Mana 1 Red

The game is meant to be a grind but there is a huge difference between troops and emblems.
We need emblems for 30 or more heroes. AW, events, raids, raid lottery etc. I believe the troop grind is fine the way it is. Although others may disagree it hurts with color stacking, that is one of the few counters to color stacking.

Emblems on the other hand should be increased imho, but not too much. It is a new feature and I think if they are taking the approach of giving them out slowly to start with and possibly increasing how many we can earn as they see how things go, that is the right call. But since they never tell us jack…who knows what their plans are.

Troops and talents are the icing.

Maybe one legendary team will be maxed right before doomsday… :rofl:

Today is 3 months and 1 day since emblems were made available. Here’s where I stand…


All 5* except sorceror.