When will Season 2 atlantis/Event/Season 3 heroes start being added to our Training Camps?

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HA 10 Details

As the (possibly) most anticipated stage of the hero academy I’ll expand a little bit on this level.

The developers have (for the first time) stated the % odds of “training” a given hero. All Non-S1 heroes included in HA10 possible outcomes have a 5% chance of appearing.

This is a STATIC percentage with no Pity Counter (resulting in possible merciless RNG) nor does it change based on what you put INTO the hero academy.
Click for List of Non-S1 Heroes that COULD be an outcome of HA10

Possible Non-S1 heroes you COULD get as a result of using HA10:

Atlantis Season 2 Heroes
Event Heroes (Old edition only; not latest 2 from each family)
    Boss Wolf
    Captain Kestral
    Guardian Kong
    Guardian Owl
    Guardian Panther
    King Arthur
    Lady Locke
    Morgan Le Fay
    Queen of Hearts
    Red Hood
    The Hatter
Old Heroes of the Month
    Long list but essentially is all HotM who are >12 months old

So at least there is that in HA10; would be really nice if TC20 could spit them out as well.

Worth to mention that soon season 2 will have costumes, meanwhile our lovely hero academy would still provide only the “regular” version at the average odds of one every 140 days.

Small Giant really know about quality of life improvements :call_me_hand:


A 1 in 20 chance is still a rarity. You only need to see the HA10 results thread to see how little Season 2 heroes get generated.
You would have thought HA10 o be a little generous as people who get to that stage probably have most if not all season 1 heroes.


Or SG should at least reduce the retrain time. 7 days is too long. I think 4 or even 5 days would be more fitting.


It’s a lackluster probability, but having a chance to get the stronger heroes of later seasons and hotms is better than no chance at all. But that 5% chance is compounded by the fact that it is only available at the top end of stronghold development.

At the very least, S2 heroes should be available in stronghold training camps upon the completion of S3. Better still, and as I have posited in other threads, seasonal rares should be available in TCs upon unlocking their source season; epics should be available upon completing that season’s normal difficulty; legendaries should be unlocked for TCs upon defeating the last stage in hard mode.

What’s the mathematical breakdown of the normal rate of return from TC20 and HA10 combined, in light of the fastest-possible non-VIP infrastructure progression?

EDIT: I hate math.

TC20 – 5% chance of 5*/2 days
HA10 – 5% chance of non-S1 5*/7 days

So even at the ideal rate of inevitability, a TC generates HA10 food once every 40 days. So that means 20 weeks of HA10 runs to produce one (random!) non-S1 hero would require 800 days of fully successful TC20 runs. Or, 2 years, 2 months, and 10 days of fully maximized stronghold production in order to acquire a non-S1 hero. Heaven forbid it’s a dupe!

EDIT 2: I know this isn’t how the RNG works. For some of us, it’s even worse.


Why there Come out the trainingkamps only herous from season 1? Wy not create one kamp for each season?

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That is a reasonable suggestion, Thunder.

It could be done in this way: allow for one training camp to become an “advanced training camp” with versions for Atlantis, Valhalla, and the Abyss (I prefer that designation to this “Underwild” moniker.) These season-specific training camps would keep the same overall rate of production for each hero rarity, but would provide an increased chance for season heroes of the appropriate tier.

For example: an “Atlantis Advanced” training camp operated at the 20th training level would have the same costs as a standard TC running the same training, but within the 5% chance of getting a 5* hero, there’s a 50% chance of that hero being a Season 2 5* rather than just a Standard 5*. And that weighted distribution would also apply to the 4* and 3* heroes produced by that modified training camp.

– It is a good idea for HA10 to provide chances for a broader range of 5* heroes, but some players have exhausted a ready supply of Atlantis coins and are still missing 3- and 4-star heroes of that season. I want Triton!

Increase the scope of what players can gain, SGG. Somehow. And give us greater access to high-tier ascension mats!


I have suggested to the devs that we have TC21 for season 2 heroes only, TC22 for season 3 heroes only even had @moderators help but to no avail still if we keep asking maybe 1 day @Staff_SGG will implement it.




Well, the things I suggested aren’t available options yet, but your first comment inspired me to put those ideas into circulation. I truly hope that we get TC access to S2 and S3 heroes before long.

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I like this suggestion and I think it would even make the season 4 heroes more desirable, seeing as season 2 and 3 heroes would become more common, so you would need the season 4 ones if you want to be one of the top dogs. It would also help with the power creep.

Now that season 4 has started, Season 2 hereos should be available to draw from tc 20.

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This would be a nice addition. It was also requested as soon as S3 started.

I seriously do not understand why S2 heroes are not just merged into TC20 and HA10 and treated like season 1 heroes now.

Nobody wants to spend gems getting them as they are outdated and when you look at the thread counting player’s rosta there are so many missing and Atlantis rising has been cut down a day to fit every other thing in

For me I run three TC20 and think what is the point, I have all S1 heroes so there is nothing to be gained for it apart from the odd 5star which ends up as fodder for HA10 (which is another gripe for a different day).

Get Season 2 in the mix and things can get a bit more interesting as for me I am probably going to stop playing soon if nothing changes.


@Dongle earlier request for S2/3 heroes

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I agree. It’s extremely greedy to have all but S1 in a pay mode. Game already stopped dropping epic hero tokens and free gems are a joke. Come on developers, make things interesting. Don’t keep all heroes for heavy spenders!

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Well, now that we have season 4, I see no reason to finally add season 1 event heroes and season 2 heroes to an advanced training camp building for example. The odds of getting a non season 1 hero could be pretty low, it doesn’t really matter… It’s better than nothing. 200 recruits, lots of food, iron and stuff… This advanced training camp could be available on Stronghold 22 for example.


Maybe because the obsolete classic heroes keep unjustly hogging up our summon coins and gems?


I’m personally 100% in favor of, at the very least, adding S2 heroes to training camps… even if that means having to level up training camps to level 21 and doing additional research and all that assorted nonsense, paying extra hams and whatnot in exchange. At least that would be something.

Otherwise… if that’s not going to happen… what about opening up a currency exchange?

Something that could only be done by one player on a single account. Trade in their Atlantis coins for Valhalla coins, or vice versa. EHTs for challenge coins or costume keys, etc. At different exchange rates based on current META.

Say you could trade an EHT in for 90 Atlantis coins, 85 Valhalla coins, or 80 Underwild coins… or 8-9 challenge coins, or 4 costume keys, etc. Something like that.

And also vice versa. Maybe you can trade 5 Underwild coins for 3 Valhalla coins or 4 Atlantis coins.

These are just random numbers for examples, SG themselves would have to make their own determinations on how much each coin was “worth” compared to another. But at least that way we would have more choices every time a new summon portal opened up, rather than saying “ohhh darn, I was really hoping to get X hero, but I’m not going to be able to get enough coins to do a summon this time. Maybe next year they’ll be featured hero again!”


Dear god, I just realized this thread was started in 2018.

So people have been hoping for season 2 heroes to be added to TCs for three years.

I will give y’all this much. Y’all are some patient folks. :joy:


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