When will Season 2 atlantis/Event/Season 3 heroes start being added to our Training Camps?

Oh my god!! those are obsolete heroes now with S4 heroes and far powerful HOTMs. It is 2021, time to spend or upgrade to new heroe$…

If they were obsolete heroes they would make them easier to get like Season 1 heroes but I think they are still worth getting seen as I shelled out thousands when they were the big shiny new ones and didn’t get many.

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Nothing in v40 maybe next time

Wonder if V41 will be lucky???



Version 42 will be released soon

Do you have any info on how soon?

This is a non starter as it isn’t a money spinner but let’s keep hoping
Just seen raid tournament I am top 50% position 370,962 that means now around 750k active players down from its peak of 2.5m
Perhaps if they took notice of the customer views it would still be near the peak???

Still hoping this will someday happen

Since old events gona be stopped…Guardians …pirates…and so… how we gona gather heroes 3 and 4 stars…it’s clear for 5 star…but especially ELEMENTAL DEFENCE DOWN HEROES…that are CORE in any titan teams…My suggestion is to Open expansion for Barracks/Training Camps that can be trained there… but make it NEW one…because we all know how we all stock food/iron… make it NEW…Thanks for understanding

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yeah, this would be the perfect time to add those 3* and 4* to hero academy too! so everyone can still get a chance at key heroes like Jackal and Falcon :slight_smile:

Been trying to get TC21,22 etc for over 12 months now the devs aren’t interested it’s not a money spinner the only way to get them is to purchase them

If they were on sale… the issue is they will no longer be available at all. I am in agreement, key heroes are being locked away completely and no new heroes have taken their places besides for some 5* season 1 heroes who got the honor.

These are also ‘locked’ behind the costume wall, and they are no good for 3, and 4* events.

Please, get with it.

No disrespect but do you really believe they would ever do this? We´re gonna get some kind of “special” portal event were we can attempt to pull for crappy odds.

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let’s put it this way - I used to have hope, but I’m feeling low on hope these days.

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Another upgrade comes and goes still no TC21 or TC22


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