When will Season 2 atlantis/Event/Season 3 heroes start being added to our Training Camps?


There’s at least one of us out there. Posting for a friend. :wink::grimacing::joy:

That said, it wouldn’t hurt my, I mean, my friend’s, feelings to see Season 2 heroes added to TC20s.


You see, after one more year of playing, you will be like; “4th Marjana, mehhh” and you feed her someone else since you wont have enough room to keep them all, i mean your friend :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I’m well aware of what’s coming, and yet here I am. :roll_eyes::wink::joy:

Apparently we’re not supposed to mention other games in the forum, but I played another phone game a bit ago wherein one of the characters was Snorlax. The first 4-5 I got, I just about lost my mind, and then I got another… and another… and another…

After a year or playing, I remember being surrounded by people freaking out at a Snorlax sighting, while I was thinking, “Yay, my 43rd Snorlax…” :roll_eyes::wink::joy:

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I have been a long time advocate of having TC21 for S2 heroes only and TC22 for S3 only but to no avail having only 1 S2 5 star and 2 S3 I would gladly put recruits into them but the problem is money the Devs wouldn’t earn enough so the only way to get them is through the coins you get from farming stages or buying the coins. 7 months have passed without acknowledgment from the powers that be so don’t expect anything anytime soon.

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Does anyone know if there are season 2 or 3 hero’s in TC 20? I’m hearing someone pulled a season 3 off it

No there are not. Any claims otherwise would either be a bug that would get fixed quickly, a bad rumor, or a lie.


Is the any chance that season 2, 3, and 4 heroes could be made possible from legendary training camp 20? Kind of takes all the fun out of having them when you already have every hero that they offer. I’m missing only three. Maybe even use it as an incentive to finish the extended seasons, like if you finish a particular season then that seasons heroes could be added to the camp 20 results.

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There is an existing Idea & Feature Request thread of adding S2 from the regular portal:

There are other similar posts and threads. Just use the search option of the forum.


Here’s another one:

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TIA :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Been beating the drum for TC21 S2 heroes only and TC22 S3 only. Adding them to TC20 your chances of getting any would be 1 in a million. Still a non starter as far as the devs are concerned as it’s not a cash cow


Did my first Atlantis pull off this year got Valen fed to Yang Mai hopefully will get coins for another pull before Christmas

I too agree with this. I have heard rumor of this possibly in a sneek peek, but anyway. It is about time that even the season 2 Atlantis heroes are added to the training camps.

I personally believe that doing so may just bring some of the f2p and c2p to buy the materials to level and ascend these heroes, or have more heroes sitting on the bench because there are no mats for them, or again, they have been outclassed by season 4 or the new Starfall heroes.

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It depends on the level you are playing at having the ability to be guaranteed S2 and S3 will be a bonus to all F2P players like me and strengthen my bench and war teams. I have plenty of mats to level them just no way of getting them on a regular basis

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I’m sure that levelling heroes will always depend on the level that the individual player is at. However, making S2, and S3 heroes available would bring more balance to the game. I myself have many of the 3*, and most of the 4* heroes from S3, so my journey has to some degree been eased.

I am also sure that I have in fact read in the sneak peek that S2 heroes will be made available in-game via the training camps.

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I have the feeling it was always a popular thing to complain about the game and SG and often ideas to improve it did not make any sense… Like here, thread is from 2018, when there was only Season 1 and 2… At that time S2 in TC20 was out of the question. Now I can agree it should be included, especially after introducing S4.

We should hit Zynga in the soft spot I clearly see - current game development goes in the wrong way and in the long run will shorten the income, the reason is… yes, F2P players. We have a lot of new heroes coming in, which are being hidden behind the pay wall. If you are new to this game, you mostly start as F2P. Building a TC20 when I have started was quite a good way to get those 5* heroes and compete with others. Now S1 heroes are getting quite useless, when compared to new Seasons. Yes, you have costumes, but also behind pay wall… So indeed we need S2 heroes in TC20, to keep those new players in the game, so they can compete with much more experienced players, which in the end will make most of them invest some money into the game.

Also Hero Academy needs changes, they should reduce retrain time from 7 days to 4 days, it should be like an advanced TC20. Someone who builds it is an advanced player already and should get a better chance of getting something new, especially with those odds…

At the same time I understand they need some pay walls and I can agree that Season 3 and 4 stay as they are, the same goes to events. I would keep always two last seasons as they are now, but they need to make the older seasons to become more accessible for the F2P and C2P players.


Although I agree with the majority of your post having S2 and S3 in Tc 20 will defeat the object they need to have there own TC so you are guaranteed at least a 3 star S2 hero not another feeder from S1 which you can get through countless other places

Nothing added in V39 maybe next time

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So they’ve basically said this is a “no go” in their developer Q&A. However, I do think it would be a fantastic idea for game growth to introduce more levels to the TCs. I like:

TC21- 2.5 days time, include 5% chance for s2 4*
TC22- 3 days time, include 2.5% chance for s2 5*
TC23- 3.5 days time, include 5% chance for s3 4*
TC24- 4 days time, include 2.5% chance for s3 5*
And so on…

This gives the game the ability to grow for f2p and c2p while remaining true to summon portal statistics. Basically it doesn’t guarantee users will game the system by giving away too many strong heroes so spenders have no complaints and it also doesn’t exclude one from being impatient and buying gems. I think this is fair balance for the company and players, make it happen!


Sad to see this being overlooked but not unexpected as many times before I have said it’s not a money spinner for the devs. But with no S2 or S3 in POV roll on Christmas when I might of gathered enough S2 /S3 coins to get an S1 feeder

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