When will Season 2 atlantis/Event/Season 3 heroes start being added to our Training Camps?

This gams is all about money or patience. If you are a whale, you advance quickly, otherwise you need to be patient. :mage:‍♂

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I was patient, at first.

Then annoyed.

Then visibly irritated.

Then completely pissed off.

I have now come around full circle. To shrugging my shoulders and accepting that


They continue to ignore us, because they can. And people will still keep throwing money at them, for some reason.

And I will continue to annoy them about it, because I can. I ran out of money to throw, so I’m throwing what I had in the other hand…

Hint: you know the expression, wish in one hand, **** in the other, see which one gets full first… :grin:

I’m all Wu Kong up in here. They are thankful for my miss rate.


Good idea; I would LOVE to be able to sell my 50+ Raid Refills. I DON’T need them. I’d sell them for either Runes or Gems.


So they’re adding S2/Event/S3 to TC20? Makes it more worthwhile to train TC20 again I guess

Iam a vc2p player since the beggining. Been playing for 2 years now. I buy vip and POV every month. My non S1 heroes are, Phileas Fogg, Zocc, Tarlak, C Vivica, Black Knight, Hel, Uraeus, Miki, Seshat, Rumpel-Stiltskin, Victor, Aegir, Perseus, Reuben, Alise and Malicna. I also have 7 S1 heroes maxed. Lianna, Joon, Marjana, Elena, Sartana, Kadilen and Leonidas. I must admit I have a lot of fun and compete quite well in all formats of the game. I am sure there are a lot of players like me too. So imo you dont need to be a whale to have a lot of fun with this game. You just need to be consistant and have a lot of patience.

They are not, unfortunately. At least “not yet”. We are just asking them to.

It would be nice if I could swap out one of my training camps for an embassy, where I can then send massive shipments of food and iron (no population) to the foreign lands in exchange for their heroes.

I say “no population”, simply because it would make no sense.

I REALLY do wish that the portals (ALL of them) were visible at the castle grounds. When I first played, I imagined it being on that rock the watch tower sits on.


Not really worth opening up TC20 for the hope of getting late S2/S3/Event hero the odds will still be stacked to S1. What I have been calling for is TC21 for S2 heroes and TC22 for S3 heroes again the devs don’t listen to its customers. If they did people would still be playing the game instead of quitting after 2/3 years



This would be a good incentive for new players starting off… to build their base & stick around…
S3 & 4 are today loaded with sellable heroes for older players…

With all the anger feuled exodus, this will help for sure…

Let’s see, I m sure some chap at SG must be thinking, if they want to keep the game alive…

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I expect some guy or girl is being asked by the powers that be, how do we make money on this

The problem with adding a TC21+ is that most of us have several hundred days of food and recruits stored in TC20 and will never be able to build a TC21.

This isn’t an issue at all. With 4 TCS available you can always relocate all the resources into two of them (one TC20 and 1 tc11 for instance). This will give you 2 TCs for an upgrade.

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I saw P&C = a poor version of E&P with few improvements that should be done here in E&P…

I guess I’m the exception then: I have a month’s worth in TC2, 56 days in TC11, 600 days in TC20, and HA has like 70 days worth of iron/recruits stored up in the 3* troop level, so I can’t turn it back into a TC.

I have 2 x tc11 with 800+ days of feeders no need for TC20 it takes 2 days for a feeder I can get from various other places. As a 3 year veteran I have all the S1 heroes I need, but S2 & S3 I hardly have any and the only way to get them is to buy them now and even that doesn’t guarantee success if we did have the TC as I suggested it would be worth trying to get those shiny 5 star heroes .
But alas I don’t think it will happen what say you @Petri

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You could queue up a ton of timestops/tornadoes with the iron and store the recruits in other TCs to empty your HA. Once the HA is empty, turn it into a TC and place HA on a different building and then empty your timestop/tornado queue into 3* troops again.

Time consuming, but possible. I honestly don’t remember what building my HA is built on. I’m guessing a forge? I know that I’d never replace a TC with anything else. My HL was built on a farm (recently switched back since I have 350+ harpoons).

As mentioned in title, i believe with the current TC20, there needs to be more heroes to make it alluring for players. I am pretty sure nobody is excited about getting even Marjana or Magni from TC20. I also believe that nobody was expecting some upgrade for Obakan, Horghall, or Justice.
Why not adding a new designs for TC20s too?

Actually it does not have to be new designs, so here comes my suggestion; i think its time to add S2 heroes to TC20 trainings. Even high level players would love to open TC20 with this. It does not have to be 5% chance like S1 heroes, but it is okey to divide chance to get 5* hero like 4% for S1 and 1% for S2.

And lastly; Comparing S2 heroes with S3 and S4, S2 heroes looks like little toys, chance to get something new will make players happy and im pretty sure wont change the game dynamics so much.


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Do you think your idea should stand along compared to the existing thread?


I still believe they can easily expand tc’s now.
Especially now with s3 and 4; s2 heroes are getting less and less intresting.
So tc21: 3 star heroes from s2.
Tc22: 4 stars chance s2.
Tc23 5star chance s2

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Related but not exactly. Current 5* heroes available at TC20 are not enough, i want to point out that this one. I dont necessarily think that it should be S2 heroes. But yes if S2 were to added to TC20 even thats acceptable.

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