When will Season 2 atlantis/Event/Season 3 heroes start being added to our Training Camps?

Noticed with latest update that past season 2 5* will be included in the atlantis portal each time it opens now. So I’m curious as to when season 2 heros will start being introduced into our training camps. Tarlak, misandra, and mok arr would be a good start by being added into tc20. Would like to see the 3* and 4* added to the camps as well.

I don’t feel like it would take away from atlantis summons income since most people that pay for summons still will whether they use the camps or not. The ascension mat chest plus the chance at past hotms and new atlantis 5* that are not in the camps would still be valid enough reasons for players to continue to pay to summon these heros.

I pay for my summons and dont rely on tc20 or tc13 at all but would be nice to see c2p and f2p have more chances at season 2 heros especially since once the atlantis tokens have been collected from the map then they become rather scarce.

So curious if the devs have any idea of a timeline that we can expect new heros in our training camps whether they be season 2 or old hotm? i think a large portion of your player base would be pretty happy with this change and wouldnt cause any loss in profits, those that rely on camps dont regularly buy summons(keyword RELY, not just run for food storage or just extras)

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Another point: to me, while premium legendary heroes should be only available on thier respective time frame (event, atlantis, etc), 4* event heroes and seasonal 4* & 5* heroes could be easily added to the training camps without making them feel any summoning difference.


Lol keyword Rely. I still run tc20 but i also do quite a few paid summons as well. And the season 2 heros I think should be added are the ones that have been out for a few months already anyways and most of us that pay for summons already have many, if not all of them. Along with even some f2p and c2p having quite of few of them outside the 5*. I dont see any harm in it.


I wish this idea come true one day.
Very like it.


Just thought about this. I would think (without anything to base my thoughts at all) that this could happen either when S2 ends, or when (possible) S3 starts.
Of course it would be nice to get them to TC20 ASAP, but I think that if SG is going to do it it will at one of those times.


I figure that as well but i think it’s because they believe that season 2 summons would slow down if they made this move earlier. And i just dont think that’s the case. Curious if anyone reads this that would stop summoning season 2 heros if devs introduced them into tc20

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I myself am still considering whether I want to do Atlantis summons with gems or not. Mainly because I still lack some of the best event heroes. If I were to find out that Atlantis heroes are coming to TC20 (at any point in time, does not matter whether it’s tomorrow or year 2020), I would definitely choose to spent my gems on event rather than Atlantis.
I somehow don’t believe that event heroes are coming to TC20, as nice as that would be.

Yea i dont see the game improving for c2p or f2p anytime soon. Just going to continue to get worse and push more and more for p2w.


Small giant never considered to make old HotM in training camps since we talk about it many months ago in both “normal” forum and beta lounge.
Many good players propose it, but Small Giant never answered back and never propose something about it. (and now we see them again on a cash version)

I could easily tell they probably do exactly the same thing for season 2 heroes, waiting people forget about this proposal and never say anything about this topic.

Long story short, they will never add them.


If they do not wish to add s2 heroes in tc20, then at least add NEW heroes to tc20


No other regular hero was tested in beta lately, and there’s various other huge changes approach.

I don’t see coming any other implementation in regular heroes anytime soon.

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True i kinda thought this was a smaller request than the past hotm but probably not since it would still mean the devs would let us earn more through gameplay and less with money, not what their goal is apparently.

Money money money, really is irking me and i dont even mind spending money when i want but if i was f2p or c2p i probably would have quit the game long ago.

I’m C2p, I have reached the point where I don’t need anymore the Vip Pass, so it has expired recently.
The last 2 months were for the gems for summoning. In two months the best I could get were Proteus, Caedmon and a second Jackal, doing with the token, the cheap deals and gems around 30 pulls or less.
I am not complaining, I know the odds and to get good results, it’s a little amount of pulls… And Proteus is a very good hero…

Anyway, I don’t know if I’m going to purchase the offer for the next Atlantis summons too. I miss Wilbur (and obviously all the 5*) , I have Proteus, Ameonna and Gobbler already so the odds to have him are thin…

I can’t compete with people who spend for all the Hotm and the new heroes (and sometimes they don’t get them) , so I will do with what I earn and get cheap deals to get more slots in my roster or unfarmables if I need them somedays.

Like you say @Rigs people are going to spend for the old Hotm anyway and if SGG want people F2p and C2p to stay / be a bit competitive, I think they have to consider some Atlantis Heroes on a TC20 or a new training camp.

With the new heroes coming every months, it’s going to be hard to have some results in raids with the old ones. (Ok, if they are like Aegir, maybe… just kidding, I don’t know, I have beat and loose against)
The Tc20 have some good heroes but the new ones have more and better skills. So it’s kinda comparing Pelé and Messi… Pelé was great at his time, but man, do you have seen the other competitor against Messi nowadays and what he can do against… It’s the evolution but for the interest of everybody, I think SGG have to do something for us (c2p and f2p) in the future (not too long) to be able to stay competitive.

For the new changes, I will see where we are going… You are, for the most, pessimistic on this option, for what I have read so far (if I have understood quite good :grin:)…

I will stay until the green challenge comes out, I will keep all my energy Flask to try to compete in an event, and after, I will see if I have still a competitive roster for the reasons above… If not, I will surely do something else…


Totally agree with that statement. I see Season 2 as a long time event, sounds natural to think of S2 heroes as event heroes.

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You realize that it is the only game in the world that the free community has so much weight that it goes the other way, if a person spends money and makes a call for 10 in epic it has a 1% chance of a 5 * and if he takes out the same hero of a tc20, which is free and is created with the resources of the game gives 7.5%? The only thing that keeps the game is money and the only interest to spend it is that there are heroes, events and atlantis that can not be obtained for free, if they are offered for free, for what to spend even a cent? And if nobody spends goodbye game. It is true that, except Aegir, the majority of payment heroes are superior, but in return they give 5 times more possibilities to the free ones and there must be some difference.


Lol good idea, really awsome, as long as they give the money we spent on those heroes back first :smiley:

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People won’t stop atlantis pulls as they don’t stop doing regular pulls to get heroes so, I’m inclined to see season 2 heroes added to the roster of TC. But I think that will be far from now, maybe by the start of Season 3, they still have to make the cut and get as much money as possible with these heroes. Once they introduce Season 3 heroes people will lose interest in S2 or will most likely have the ones they want so by that time the profit of the portal goes down, while the portal of Season 3 replaces the revenues.

I agree with some facts, money for better heroes, no problem.
But in the mean time, if you don’t get the free or cheap party something to grind, they will be two distinct Competitions, the major league and the minor league.

This is, I think, on his way… So what is the purpose to play on the minor league soon, when before you could play sometimes against the major league?

The line up of the major league will be Zimkitty - Zeline - Guin-GM - Hell or something like that with the additional new heroes. Enjoy your raids and there will be not so much f2p and c2p in diamonds league because they will not have the ability to have the heroes to compete, same in wars. Imho.

The thing could be : you want all the betters before others, you pay for it, you don’t want to pay or pay less, you have in a certain time the ability to get some better heroes than Thorne.
Because, do you really think I’m gonna put my AM hardly earned for Thorne, I’d rather wait 3 months, more or quit the game before getting him my AM.

Don’t you think, there is a middle way?

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I agree. Been playing since June of '17. TC20 is a disappointment about 99.9% of the time. I didn’t see a 5* until after my 21st pull from it. in those 20 previous one, I saw two 4*. Finally had to give in and buy specials just to keep up with my team. As far as Atlantis goes, who knows where its headed. I don’t feel it should be a special event since it’s second season on world map. Not a holiday event.

No I dont think so. You say “that they pay to have it before”. No, before you would have them, because, as I said, this game commits the indecency of giving 6 times more chances to get a 5 * free than paying, but it is still not enough and, if you change the rate of fall and you put them , but you put 0.5 real in tc20 and 7.5 of payment you complain, yes, if a player spends € 500 and does not get what you have for free and publishes you insult and say you are fed up with complaints. You see, ALL the games of the world, those of success, have 2 speeds, ALL. And this is the least, I’ve played Snippers, Mmorpg, etc. that, come a moment, or pay or leave, because you do not have the necessary weapons to finish missions or move on. This allows it, you can finish the story, you can thrive as ftp, you have better teams than the payers, but no, loqueréis everything, you want the same as the top, free and fast. You will never have it unless the game is nearing its end.


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