When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-(

When I compete on the 5* tournaments I do well albeit fighting competition at my level. When I do it @ 3* and 4* tournaments I have to grind against heavily emblemed teams. This is not a complaint, I am simply stating that suggesting the reduced loot RTs help manage the gap between high and low levels is a myth… there is no gap, each level player has a fair chance on their brackets to do well.

Getting the loot back to what it was, as promised, has no impact on how I will do against lower level players on these RTs, they will continue to invest on their 3s and 4s and I will continue to do so on mostly 5*s.

Again that is a choice with how you allocate the emblems.

My choices at being stuck is similar to yours.

As long as the game is kept fair for all and not some guys having extra 100-200 emblems, I am ok with it. If you have extra emblems that you can’t use to get the no8 node on a 5* you can always allocate it to a 3*/4*. Maybe you can get more emblems that way as some people who think of the possible long haul by gaining as many as possible during the 3 and 4* tournaments in order to emblem a 5* at a later date.

I like the playing field to be as leveled as possible. I have a Kage+7 with 99 barbarian emblems extra. I am just keeping them for the no8 node which is possible in the near future or I may be itching to give them to a 4* and get 6 nodes up.

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I think I have a better chance of pulling 10 5*s in a 10 pull then if SG restoring loot to what it was the first tourney. It’s obvious to me they never will restore it, despite how people try to spin it that they are still testing, still a bug here and there, still this reason or that reason…just give us our loot already. SG says they want us to have more chances of loot in the game, then nerf the hell out of it every chance they get…but they sure won’t nerf the number of sales that I have to C out of when I log onto the game…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


The only way to teach them is to stop spending money. If they see a decline in sales, they will have to offer better offers. As long as people complaining but keep buying, they dont have to worry about that. If they see people stop spending gems after 4 losses because the loot is not worth it anyway, they will have to increase it. Just play the game but stop spending.

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So are we going to get any sort of communication on the loot? I just want to know if I should start resetting the 3*s I put emblems on or not.

Emblems on 3* only really matter for 3* tournaments or for players with few/no 4*. Even then, putting emblems on is a disadvantage in tournaments unless the emblems are spread out very evenly to 15+ heroes. Putting emblems on 4* appears to be about neutral when it comes to tournaments.

I was waiting for the tournaments as something special that, according to what I heard, was supposed to be fascinating and with extra spoils and what happened? Another miserable task with meager prizes. I greet the genius creators and those who immediately write that I do not have to participate etc., I take part but absolutely without worrying

I think the developers are still trying to fix some loopholes (at least I hope they are). I know a lot of people who only get attacked once or twice in a tournament; while others get attacked dozens of times. So obviously those who are attacked less are in a great disadvantage in terms of defence performance score. This has been an ongoing issue and I hope a viable solution will come out soon.

That being said, I personally use tournament more as a way to fill raid chests more quickly.

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25 crickets… can we at least get a “the loot is final” please?

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The outrage died down, so there’s no pressure. I’m sure the bean counters are analyzing the gem rebuys and money spent before they make any other adjustments. It went from something to get excited for to something “meh” that helps fill my raid chest. They really missed out on this feature.

I picked up 100 sorceror emblems among my winnings in the first tournament.

Such a huge boon - 100 emblems at once. My mind was blown.

I wouldn’t expect it to happen again, unless they open up emblems in general, making them available as a catch-up mechanic for those who weren’t playing when emblems came out.


18th of Jannuary!! We are still waiting for it…


Excellent news! I wasn’t aware of this!

I worried that emblems would cause a retention problem for the player base after a point, if catch-up mechanics weren’t introduced. Glad to see SGG/Zynga is going to roll them out. Although I’m a little scared at the prospects of a tricked-out level-20 Guin lol

Oh wait - I thought that said July not January lol

SGG/Zynga knows their business model. But man - how can a player even try to catch up at this point? Anybody playing for the last 6 months has 200+ emblems in every class. The devs might want to look at acquisition and retention rates. A new player, today, has to start way way behind the pack.

My 2 cents…
Looking at the game “economy” actually i feel like tournament rewards are pretty even.
I play for one and a half year and my feeling is that now the weekly income from raid tournament is quite fair…
The first tournament reward was way too good and would ruin the game economy…

Just my opinion… a long term pacient player.


That’s why this is a dying game, new player has no chance of catching up so most will delete this thing after a few days of playing. Old players got nothing else to do other than fighting the same alliances over and over, see how long this will last. SG must have been desperate to generate more revenues as they are release a boat load of new heros. With the drop rate and stuff, you can never max your heros if you summon a lot. It’s almost like a curve for an enthusiastic player eventually get annoyed by sg’s nonsense and stop even spending a dime on this thing.

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Engagement has been good to me lately. Lots of progress, s02 hard, raiding platinum, tourneys, wars, titans, and maintenance. All of it is free. Mats will always be bottlenecks, but that’s the nature of GACHA.

My problem isn’t engagement - the events, the heroes, the stuff mentioned above is great - it’s acquisition. Gotta have new blood. Catch-up mechanics and bad-luck-protection for lowbies is probably advisable.

The whole thing is built on Unity presumably, they can probably step up the art a lot. Too bad the name “Empires & Puzzles” is awful for SEO.

Curious how Zynga runs things.

I know you are just a moderator and following the rules, but anyone who puts in a rule of do not question our authority or else needs to just look at the continent’s track record for such ideology and how it went for them, and im talkin about SG not you to make it clear. Actually, pretty disgusting imho.

this is a joke right?? that would be 150+ emblems a month and of the right kind … where are we suppose to get that many?

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Dude, we need to look at this from all angles. It is fine if you’re only growing 3s and 4s, but to give you a simple example I have 6 5s awaiting to move from level 7 to level 8 whereas my 4 Guardian jackal is 10 emblems from being fully maxed.

To move from level 7 to 8 costs 125 emblems. Who came up with the design for the 5* I have no clue but it is beyond ridiculous. I could understand a 5* taking 2 times as long to max when compared to a 4*, but being more than 3 times slower, well, that’s just criminal with the current emblem drop.

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