When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-(

I can’t find all the old post…

But for example, after introducing 10*+ titans, they nerfed the loot for old titans.

Any very old player can say that the original elemental chest was used to give only gold tokens.

Mistic Vision?
Petri said:
“the occurency will be 8h instead of 16h.
The loot is adjusted accordingly to it and by watching double MV the average loot will be slightly better”.

Than (what a surprise!) the loot has become the same as before…
You have to watch it twice (if you don’t forget it) for having the same loot and they have double money from advertising.

Just the first examples coming into my mind.


Well, I’ve been playing for 2+ years now, consider myself a mid-heavy spender, have seen my fair share of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: moments, and I still have hope that they’ll get their :poop: together and stop screwing over the source of their income. I’m sad to say I don’t think it’s going to happen though. Since the merger/sale to Zynga, I’ve seen a decrease in 3* & 4* ascension items across the board, an increase in advertising via MV, a few broken promises by the Dev’s that wouldn’t have happened beforehand imo, and an overall negative demeanor from almost every player I talk with about the game. It’s really sad to me that they have gotten so far off base of creating something GIANT from something Small. They did do exactly that but it’s clear to me now that what they wanted to have become giant that was small was their wallets.

The fact that 95% or more of players I ask say that they only get 2* ascension items from the Titans that they use Harpoons on is a perfect example of the greed that has taken over our game developers/owners. Us players using a battle item designed to give us a specific reward (Titan parts) if we use them, that we have to invest time and materials from farming into in order to even make, should come not reduce the normal loot from Titans. It’s an Advanced item, so the loot from it should be advanced as well!

I won’t even bring up the fact that SG’s idea of good loot from a hero chest consists of two 1* Pieces of String for Ascension items. I have gotten 3 of those from one play of Season 1, Provence 3, Level 4 before!! Kill 40 heros in raids, get two pieces of string. Play S1-3-4 once, get 2 pieces of string… Brilliant! :roll_eyes:
And let’s cut the :poop:! Everyone knows why the Raid Tourney loot got reduced. A couple of what they consider “Elite players” whined and complained about not getting as many Emblems as somebody else did and threatened to quit playing, so the loot got reduced to crap and it’s been that way since, no matter what excuse they give us for not fixing it. The loot got reduced within a few days, so it would only take the same amount of time to adjust it back up to something worthwhile. The fact that they’re using “We’re busy working on new features” as a reason that they won’t listen to the thousands of complaints about the Tourney loot is a big old pile of horse :poop:, and an insult to our intelligence and loyalty.

Costumes? Really?? :worried: I didn’t know we were playing dress-up with Barbie’s. I could’ve sworn that this game was about heros, villians, dragons, and monsters. Chef Boldtusk?? It will be a sad day in the E&P community when this comes out, just like “Atlantis, where you’ll spend loads more gems for 0.3% chance at the hero you want”… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m disappointed to hear this. I very happily invested emblems on many of my 3*s, including a Gunnar+20 for tanking in 3* tournaments.

I did this just based on what I had seen on the original loot with that sweet chance to get x100 emblems at top 1%, I figured with 3* tournaments coming every so often it’d be a worthwhile investment. But I’m not really feeling that is the case anymore.

The worst thing is I’ve been posting on these forums telling other players that are asking about their 3* to keep some for the raid tournaments and that it’s okay to emblem them. I said this believing that the loot would return to what it was originally and that they’d get a worthwhile use of them.

I hope you reconsider bringing the loot back to what it was in the first one (see post by zephyr above).

Thanks for reading,
~ DaveCozyPoo


Where is this supposed data to prove nothing has been reduced in 12 months?

haha there’s something about it… :joy:

  1. It’s been only 4 months since the first raid tournament that took place on March 23th 2019
  2. Please see this thread to learn about loot available in the 1st tourney:
    🏅 First Weekly Raid Tournament! — FAQs, Teams, and Discussion
    For example, top 1% tier had 25% chance for 100 emblems and 10% chance for a 4* ascension item.
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I’ll tell you this much brother. I would have much preferred they kept it at 75 gem entry fee ONLY and keep the awesome day 1 loot. What is happening now is that it is your choice to pay the 75 gems but there is no point to it, even if you make it top 1%. Imagine all the stuff we’d be getting for 75 gems a week, that is a 3rd of the gems you get for free with the monthly VIP pass.

Big failure!

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Could not agree more. We were also led to believe that raid tournaments would be the greatest source of emblems which is not the case.

Also from a spender.

Nerf rewards after these changes take place - not before.


@Petri It seems like most people are mad about the lack of promised emblems and have basically said they are not bothering with the tournaments anymore since the loot sucks. So, can you please advocate for leaving the rewards the same but adding a participation bonus of just emblems for the tournament. I was thinking of a reward of 1 of every emblem per day that you use at least 1 attack flag in. This will net a max of 50 emblems, 5 from each class, if you don’t get knocked out early. This will make people think about either going for top 1-5% or lasting all 5 days in the tournament for the emblems. Say you have two losses on day 2, do you use all your flags to hope to get in top tiers? Or do you use 1 flag per day to get the attack bonus for the emblems???

I am just trying to provide you with solutions to appease the community. Myself, I will always participate in the tournaments because they are something to do and I enjoy the challenges regardless of the “crappy” loot.

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50 emblems?! These are not grapes we’re talking about! Emblems are supposed to be rare just as ascension mats, it’s the way of the game. If emblems and mats would flow in packs of 50 every week, this game would become… less enjoyable…

This is just absurd.

There is absolutely no point on entering a tournament if the expenses associated with entering will be more than the rewards.we get from it.

Never, ever give your customers anything you can’t or will give again.

SGG presented us a tournament with very nice rewards, and used the excuse of a broken match system to take those rewards back.

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Well based in this information I’m quite happy that I did not spend any effort on leveling further 3* heros or even troops until now…with this loot I’m not willing to waste resources on those.

I’m fine with ending up at 50% level or below in these tournaments and participate actively (and hopefully more successful) in 4* and 5* tournaments…

Except you don’t need 1500+ Ascension mats to to MAX ONE 5*.

Who ever said these were supposed to be ultra rare? That was never advertised by SG. When classes were released, SG said they would start slow to make sure game balance was protected and then add to them, primarily from tournaments. After 1 tournament, that turned out to be false. I stick to my statement that they created a feature just to say they had feature, but don’t really want anyone to use it. We are now what 7-8 months in, and I haven’t seen any 5* heroes with even 50% of maximum emblems. Looking at 2-3 years to maximize just 1 legendary hero? Seems a bit absurd to me.


Remember you basically max 10 heroes at a time not one.

Also here is an example of someone who has a hero over half leveled (not mine)

Well you get 72 weekly just from the class quest, so 50 from the tournament isn’t too much to ask. So emblems already flow in packs of 72 every week, 50 more from what was supposed to be the biggest source of emblems isn’t a stretch at all.

Seen many maxed (+20) 5s hanging around lately ? Cause I didn’t… Beside, nobody’s chasing you… emblems will come in time. After reaching a certain level that allows you to access the right sources, playing it the right way, we all get more or less the same number of emblems. Some of us might have some 5 at +10 while others only at +7, but the gap isn’t that wide to make a difference. The difference is still made by the heroes you’ve been lucky (or rich) enough to get…

@Aviendha, actually placing top 1%, which, under the current circumstances, isn’t hard at all, if you are willing to pay some gems, will bring you a pretty good chance for significant loot, rival to an elemental chest. I really think the loot from the first tournament was greatly exaggerated.

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It certainly wasn’t for me, I’ve never gotten loot this good anywhere else in this game, and I wasn’t even Top 1%:


Except for 100 emblems, it looks like a decent elemental chest to me :thinking:

I’ve received 50 emblems in a chest once, holy chest IIRC.

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