When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-(

I been here pretty much since the release of this game and had this dev team figured out about 6 months in. All hype and no fireworks, they light the fireworks and they are duds. What can you expect from a bunch of KIDS with zero wisdom on what the basic consumer wants now days. I read that entire Q&A log they just did and these devs are clueless AF. I stopped giving them $$ long ago and have bigger better things to spend my $$ on. If you all want to change their ways grab your pitchforks and torches kiddos, cause they are set in their archaic teachings they have received in their short lives and have zero chance to keep this boat floating for 2 or more years. Hows that for doom and gloom? :joy:

You sold us the tournament as major source for emblems and now you keep cheating your customers and keep the loot that low as it now is?
Instead of decreasing the original loot, you should have given 1% loot to everyone for the first 2 or 3 tournaments…

Why the hell needs the posting a approval?
What’s that for a kind of joke…

Same here. I would demand a refund if I hadn’t quit spending 3 months ago because of exactly this type of BS from this developer. I’ve figured out that they don’t care about long term players, they prefer to hook new ones. This because new players don’t know about the BS so are easily fooled, while long time players see through the smoke and mirrors. This model won’t work forever and the game will die a fast death if they don’t show appreciation for the players that made them a half billion dollars!!!

Half a billion dollars!!! You’d think being valued that much would mean they could manage their own game. I almost wish Zynga would take full control, but then again they would probably screw it up worse.


I guess it’s because of using word “cheаt”. It seems to be working this way on forum…



Proven techniques

Sorry zephyr1.

From a marketing point of view, the loot structure, defeats and continue, never made a lot of sense.

Rare quest continues, Challenge event scoring, Class quest battle items, these are proven freemium techniques.

Looking at everything I do know about Tourneys, I do think they did not turn out the way the Devs were hoping. This can also be seen in the Alliance War change log. It might be a direct result of the small number of Devs being very good at their specialties but not having the overlap, redundancy and broad coverage, that a larger team does. I would love for them to hire an Elo math specialist if they do not already have one.

I am sad that SSG appears to be the industry leader in applying proven techniques, but seems to stumble when they try and reinvent the wheel.


This appears to just be Puffery

Reset emblems

I only have 2 reset emblems, but I they have zero value to me due to iron shortage ( see notes ).


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did you read my message completely ? Top 1% give 3 Draw of ETT/EHT per week x 4 = 12 Draw of ETT/EHY a month

12 × 50%(40%+10%) = 6 gold tokens (on average) per month

the point is you get chance to get 12 ETT/EHT a month which is worth 3600 gem , cannot argue with “chance” only RNGesus able to answer it

Getting into top 1% every time is just not possible. 5 days of battles and the rules of every tourney makes it very difficult. But fine, let’s say a lucky player has a deep bench of 3*, 4* or 5* only. That player gets into 1% twice a month. That’s 6 tokens, not twelve. And don’t forget chances of getting a silver token are 50%, chances of getting ETTs are 40%, and chances of getting EHTs are only 10%.

I’m not a mathematician but I’m guessing that player would get only 2 troop tokens and 1 hero token a month, on average.

Doesn’t sound like much now, does it?


We need a real mathematician here @Garanwyn :pray: :sweat_smile:

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as i told you , no point to Argue if it related to “chance” , you can continue to waste your time to count it and i am good with current reward

You can go ahead and close your ears then, cuz I’m not fne with the current rewards :wink:

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Well, when you put it like that, we have about 14 chances a week to get them from monster chests, if you skip the timer, you have even more chances. Oh, wait there’s where I should put my 75 gems then.

About the announcement, I can’t really say I wasn’t expecting it. But it still hurt when it was confirmed. Every little bit of hope and trust has died with this confirmation…

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I’m sure many players have placed top 1% every single tournament. I ended up in top 5% twice because I never bothered with 3* or 4* and have had the worst luck on defense, every other time I’ve been top 1%.

Yup, 15000 players place in top 1% every tournament. That’s a fact.


The problem here (that you can also see in the first alchemy build in beta) is that they seem to be developing only with quick cash grabs in mind.

And I am sorry here, but if you lose your player base, you will find yourself with plenty cash grab mechanics and not enough people to use them.

So, when continuing developing this game, think about having players happy as well… because telling people you have TEMPORARYLY reduced loot from a new feature to (months later) say it’s definitive will only piss them off…


Main source of emblems - Top 500 - 1%

I’m glad that I’ve been playing only casually and dont spend anymore. Last atlantis pull finally cured me from giving them my money.


Not much better here, 1%

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If i have to put a blame, rather then complaint for the actual loot i would complaint about the loot back then.

It was too much good and unrealistic to be true, and it really made a feeling of “bait” or “misleading advertising”.

Maybe it was originally set to be like that only for the 100 gems partecipation fee, and they just notice it was not worth for them in this other conditions.
I want to believe that.

So more then anything, they were too much in a hurry to show and speak something that, with a better analisys, it was too good.

Like some kind of political campaign.
Always seems better in words rather then facts.


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