When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-(

They will never make loot from 1st tournament . They are too greedy .

If the loot was returned to normal, there would of been at least 4 tournaments I would of used Gems on to continue after getting knocked out. It just isn’t worth it to me right now.

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@Petri could you please provide an update on the raid tournament loot? It was stated end of May that some changes will be released soon at least for top positions. We are in mid July but still nothing is out.change log
Before it was shared that the raid tournament will provide major part of the emblems. I could see a vague description from you that the original loot will never come back.
This feature was released nearly 4 month ago and the only part which is not finalized is the loot. How long do we need to wait for that?

I also hope they bring the tournament loot back up, but the reason it takes so many more emblems to max a 5 is balance. F2P players can’t get 5s nearly as frequently as those who spend. But they can (relatively) quickly emblem their (relatively) deep rosters of 4s, and thereby keep pace for the most part. If players like you and me were able to emblem up our 5s even half as quickly as F2Ps could emblem their 4s, paying players would become unbeatable for F2Ps, and it would send them away from the game in droves.


MMM… I fail to grasp this. I’m a 2 yr player in a top alliance, whereas my wife has been playing 3 months. She raids around her TP, Wars around her TP, her raid tournament matches are around her TP. I don’t see where is this danger to balance that warrants for a 5* to take over a year to be fully emblemed, it makes absolutely no sense. A 4* can be fully emblemed in 4 months and in many cases (eg. G Falcon) they become a proper 5* hero.

Why can’t a 5* be fully emblemed in 8-9 months? that’s all I’m trying to figure out. A maxed 5 is not 3 times as good as a maxed 4*, in some cases not even twice as good, so again, makes no sense.

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First, thank you for the feedback! We increased Raid Tournament rewards on June 3, 2019 (see Raid Tournament Change Log). There are currently no plans to make further adjustments to this. While I understand not all players are satisfied with the current status of the Raid Tournaments, I do want to point out that we are currently focusing our resources to bring new, exciting features to the game which will bring new ways to gain rewards.

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Seriously? Is it a joke?

This post is from Jannuary.
We are still waiting.

The current loot is simply ridiculous for something introduced as one of the new main features…

I don’t think that a simply roll-back of a loot takes so much time.
Why is SG so scared by giving a chance for a good loot?

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Weren’t raid tournaments supposed to be a new exciting feature which would bring new ways to gain rewards???
Most of your players feel very cheated by this as the reduced loot was initially supposed to be temporary. The “increased loot” still means that to average one 4* ascension material in about a year, you’d have to place in the top 1% for 50 weeks. Does this really seem a reasonable reward or an exciting feature to gain rewards?

Raid tournaments are currently a failure from a lot of the playing populations view of things. This could have been a great new feature however but unfortunately yourselves decided to make it just one more part of the “grind”. Maybe enough people are buying back in with gems to satisfy your targets. But if you lessened the artificial game mechanics and increased the loot to be an actual reasonable reward this feature could be very enjoyable. But is making this game rewarding and enjoyable really a focus of the developers?

Edit: Where is the incentive to spend money on summons if 4* mats are too rare to ascend the 5* that you might get if you’re very lucky?


@Petri this is known in English as bait and switch. Also it would take no time at all to change the reward amounts.

I recently had my streak of 1% broken and finished in the 5% for the raid tourney once but I have had bad luck and gotten 10 emblems a lot of the time. I skip a couple chests every day and have purchased the big emblem offers.

I still sit at 5,263 emblems after over six months. Please consider raising the emblems won. Everyone here remembers how you said you would nerf the rewards temporarily then how you would adjust the rewards back up but not to the same level and now nothing. I don’t know why the company wants to slow emblems so much. This is from a spender.


I remember a post from staff clearly stating we would have means to upgrade emblem nodes on heroes MONTHLY. Well, don’t know if it’s me but I NEVER got 65 emblems of the same class on the same month. Assuming we are lucky enough to get only ONE class for everything (elemental chests, war chests, quests, events and tournaments), it will be possible to upgrade one node per month. We are still on a projection of more than a year for one hero emblemed.


I quote myself…

Hi Petri,

" While I understand not all players are satisfied" … it hink it is most of the players.

“focusing our resources to bring new, exciting features to the game which will bring new ways to gain rewards”

Raid tournaments were advertised in the same way… as a major source of emblems and another source of getting ascension materials… right now these promises are not fullfilled in my humble opinion. So i have some doubts the new, exciting features will deliver what is advertised now after experiencing what was advertised and finally delivered with the raid tournaments…

Kind and sad regards,



That’s sad. I’m a moderate spender, but I know I won’t be spending gems to continue any longer starting with this tournament, which I just got knocked out of. When all that you get is Daily Summon Tokens and low numbers of Atlantis coins and every other item, even in 1% and 5%, it’s simply not worth it. There’s really not much difference between getting 1% and 10%. I can most likely finish all raid tournies in the top 10% without continues, so I’ll just take what comes for free, and that’s it.

EDIT: OK. I lied… I still buy back in. lol I have fun playing them and enjoy the challenge that they present, both for building a good defense team and structuring your attack teams to counter the threats on the other side within the confines of the rules set for the week. It really is a fun part of the game. If I’m gonna complain here and there, then I gotta give credit where it’s due. The Raid Tournies are fun for me.


What a bummer, is what the loot is now even half of what it was on the first tourney (on the whole)?


Alliance wars were a new, exciting feature which would bring a new way to gain rewards.
Wars are fun (because we, the players, make them fun), but the loot is awful. People have stopped caring about 100% war chests now after repeatedly finding scabbards, chainmail, 5 emblems etc.
Just like the elemental chest that a large number of players say they can’t get excited about anymore.

Raid tournaments were a new, exciting feature which would bring a new way to gain rewards.
You nerfed the loot “temporarily” into the ground and now you’re telling us it isn’t coming back because you’re working on something that’s probably gonna go the same way?

I want to point out that you are currently working on new, exciting buildings (and costumes :nauseated_face:) to the game which will bring new ways to suck gems out of players wallets.


sigh this is VERY disappointing. The original loot tiers were awesome and gave us a reason to really care about how we finished. The current loot tiers don’t. I’ve only re-joined once and that was because I was flush with gems from the friend offer you had today. I can guarantee you that I won’t be spending any more gems on tournaments going forward.


I made a table comparing the original and current loot when it was updated at the end of May:

Obviously it turned out that my expectation/hope was not fulfilled.


Honestly, this isn’t a surprise. It still stinks though. E&P repeatedly has said they wanted to increase availability of Emblems and AM’s and repeatedly done almost nothing to provide these. They continue to tout new feature, which tend to be expensive versions of old features providing little benefit other than allowing people to use all the ham and iron. The fact that it’s going to take 3+ years to fully emblem a team of 5 star heroes is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve encountered in all my years of gaming.


I would be very surprised if someone spends gems to get back to the tournament.


I’m afraid there will be plenty… otherwise they wouldn’t be so shameless.


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