When will new sorcerers arrive?

At the moment there aren’t much 5 star sorcerers. Just 3 if I’m right. And 4 stars is also not very convincing.

Please SG bring new sorcerers (regular!!)

Wiki: Sorcerer

There are seven 5* sorcerers, and 15 total. This puts Sorcerers middle-of-the-road for quantities. The smallest class is Druids which have just 11. Fighter has the most at 18.

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Okay there are more but just one normal. And he is not the best. I mean quintus.

I haven’t seen any plans to expand the Classic hero set.

Lady Locke
Morgan Le Fay

I believe this is the current list of Sorcerers in the 5* category The 4* : Ameonna

And lastly 3* : Chochin

Thank you for that list. I was wondering myself. They really should have tried to balance the classic heros across the classes.

I only have Natalya and Sabina and neither are maxed. Not sure I will max them either so I guess I will build up these emblems and figure it out.


I have Sabina maxed, she was in my initial 4* party and I loved having her…Still use her in wars if I think I might need a healer

They did a pretty good job balancing he classic heroes. There are two 5* in every class except Sorcerer; there are three Paladins. There are twenty classic 5*, so this is very close to perfect. My guess is that it would have strained class stereotypes too much to rearrange them into ten pairs.


I’ll get real. There’s no point in splitting hair over which hero “should” belong to which class when loot is on the line. I’d have not cared the least bit if they made melendor a paladin and Boldtusk a rogue if it meant I could have more evenly distributed teams.

Now it could have resulted in some funny jokes/memes… it id be much happier with that tbh. On that note I can say the upcoming trial of shadows is going to be pure pain.

What this really did was give us all a reason to want to level up more different heroes (and get more different heroes).

One thing I like is that we are all different. Shadows looks like it will be pretty easy for me, except that most of the heroes I’m bringing aren’t the best strong color for most of the opponents. (Ive got lots of red and purple, one yellow, and no blue against mostly red and purple opponents)

OTOH, Mysticism and Fortitude were both difficult with my roster.

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