When will matchmaking loopholes get addressed?

I’m honestly tired of complaining about it but my frustration is reaching its limit. Alliances are using the “new alliance” or “placeholder alliance” method to get uneven matchups in war for easy wins and quick war chests. I know they were testing out a new system that had mixed results but haven’t seen any information on it lately. Why can’t they attach a war score to each account and that sliding scale score goes with the player to each alliance ? I can accept tough matches but when it’s blatantly obvious it frustrates my alliance and demoralizes the low level players.

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That will happen when the sun rises from the west and sets to the east, when the longitude becomes the equator, when gravity sets things to go up instead of going down…

Hard to tell the WHEN, even Small Giant can’t give us a timeline. Yep. Its in the works and may still be a bit problematic. But no system is perfect yet except the Carnot system.

I thought this was what they were testing.


I was actually under the impression that this issue had already been addressed and “fixed” by tying win/loss ratios to individual members rather than entire alliances.

Though I have also noticed a new trend of multi/family alliances trying to game the system by moving members back and forth between alliances after a win or a loss to try to “balance” their war scores.

Not sure how effective that actually is vs. just staying in one alliance and letting the system balance itself…? But some people will try anything if they think it might give them an advantage.

Few weeks ago we were facing alliance with 6 players (we are 5, all opted in for war). Less than an hour after matchmaking, there was only one of them left in the alliance, level 7, not being able to participate in AW. Their titan score was 0 despite that “level 7 leader” was 60ish days in the alliance. Several minutes before AW started, they were back to 6, so it was 5 vs 5. About 2-3 hours before the and of the AW, they used all of their attacks, and left the alliance before the war was finished. Since we lost that one by 50ish points, I was curious to see what happens when I leave the alliance before the AW was finished, and rejoin after, and to my surprise I still got 100% participation in war chest.

So, now I am wondering if that war was counted into my personal war score (and their also) or not, because if it did not, there is a potential explot. Single war loot rarely has something valuable in it, but chest has much more value. Sure it might be worth for some players to sacrifice war loot for getting war chest filled every 5 AW.


That sounds wacky. LOL. Guessing they are running multiple alliances at the same time and were jumping back and forth in an attempt to get credit for two wars and also two titans at the same time.

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If the “exploit” I have described in the previous post is possible, they could be fighting high level titans in one, and having AW chest every two weeks in other alliance.
I think participation in chest is reset to 0% if someone takes part in AW in other alliance.

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I recall reading a while ago of a player participating in two or three wars simultaneously by timing when he was present in each alliance for the start of matchmaking, since matchmaking trickles down from top alliances to the lower ones over the course of an hour or two. I don’t know if that has been addressed though. I think he (she?) was doing it to speed up PoV.


My alliance is facing a group of alliances that rotate. They even number each alliance to make it easier 1,2,3,4. One person in for 50 days, the rest 2-5 days in.

Just to make one thing clear - I am not claiming that this is 100% true, it would be appreciated if we could get any devs confirmation if it is possible or not.
Otherwise, I don`t really see the point of them leaving the alliance before AW loot.

General consensus is that overall it is a really bad idea. But that doesn’t stop people from trying it.

I’ve seen even recent complaints on here about how some AW opponents put up low teams on purpose to lower the available points. And that was called out as an exploit that benefits the defending team.

Au contraire! It does not benefit the defending team at all.

Early on, when I first created my current alliance, we faced a team like that. After matchmaking, we looked at their alliance. “Holy crap! They all have 4k+ teams! There’s no way we’ll be able to beat these guys!” That was back when my team was mostly 3k-ish defenses.

Went into that war fully expecting to lose. What did our opponents do? They put up unleveled 3* heroes on most of their defense teams. Not even joking, most of their D teams were below 3k TP.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

What da actual @#$%?

I’m guessing they thought that was going to work out well for them?

It did not. We absolutely slaughtered them by a 2:1 margin.

Everybody has theories about how they might be able to possibly gain an advantage in the game. Majority of them are just that - theories.

If people want to test some faulty exploit theories, more power to them I guess. In my own personal experience? The majority of them do not work.

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I agree with you here 100%
Even if this one did work, I would probably be too lazy to do something like this :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The thing is, even if it does work, once it gets popular enough and word gets out about it? It will end up being “fixed”.

These players can hop around switching alliances and cup dropping or whatever they think in order to try to gain an advantage, imaginary or otherwise, but they are probably sacrificing a lot of other potential loot in the process. Not sure what they possibly stand to gain in the long run aside from personal bragging rights.

“I’ve won 9/10 of my last wars! Only killing 1* titans and haven’t been able to fill a single war chest, but I completed PoV 5 days before everyone else so I am best player ever!!!”

Okay. Congratulations. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


It can work in certain situations (i can provide explanation if needed), but in most cases does not.
In any case, those are cheap moves that i personally don’t appove. I can assume none does. Exploits and loopholes, even sometimes “innocent” and not that big at first sight, should not be something people look for, even if the “price” is high. Just play the game as it is mend to be played.

This kind of behaviour starts with something small, innocent, not punishable by rules and on paper, and it ends up with “Return of Morlovia” cases.


We all know that cup dropping is an easy way to fill hero chests. And we all know that lowering your war defense team will reduce the number of points that your team will give up, but if the entire team does it? A reset is still worth 1500 points no matter what.

Alliance hopping has built-in consequences in terms of titan loot, and is no longer supposed to be all that beneficial for war matchups.

Any other types of exploits are probably blatantly against the rules and not recommended.

That is the system that’s in place now.

This is the latest on it:


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