When will i get my troops back E&P!

It says here troops I use will only be temporarily put out of game. I’m waiting now for over a year and want the troops back! You assure i will get them back!

Temporarily isn’t a year. @petri you’re misleading Dutch gamers.

I already posted info in post 137 in translation suggestions in July. As you did not make any adjustments I think the translation is as it meant so give back all my temporarily used troops!

I think steps could be made for this. Lol

I sent a message to the Small Giant Staff with a note about the translation error and a link to this thread.

They got killed in battle, this happens when troops desert for the Dark Lord’s Army.

Well, to me a little text chance wouldn’t be too hard to fix.

I think it wouldn’t bring next updates in danger. Then again… lol.

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