When will Guinevere become available next?

I’ve been holding my gems and wanting to find a when i can make an attempt at guinevere?

Not this month so you have to wait at least another one…

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Thanks. Ill have to goes more gems :slight_smile:

I believe she will be available in August.

We can expect the event cycle to be Pirates - Fables - Guardians - Knights - repeat. Guardians will arrive on the 12th of this month, so Knights should start on the 9th of August - the next chance we have at Guin.

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Any word from beta on the fifth special event?

Nothing yet. I’d be surprised if they release a new one anytime soon. Knights released in December and Fables in June, so I’d expect another 4-5 months before they get to a new one. That being said, SG can be quite unpredictable in their additions to the game, releasing new content with very short notice, even for beta testers. For example, the Sand Kingdom event only came to beta 2 weeks before its official release, without a preview or sneak peak. Rest assured someone will post pictures on the forum the moment that something new comes to beta.


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