When will fix the selection of alliances for war?

I have repeatedly written about the fact that in wars of alliances rivals are often selected, who are much stronger than our alliance. Suppose our alliance now has 9 players with a 4000+ defense team, only 4 of them have experience level 50+, alliances are selected for us, 16 players have a 4000+ defense team, of course we lose, the next war we should be logically pick an alliance is weaker, but we have to fight with the alliance, which already has 19 players have a 4000+ defense team, and at least 13 players have an experience level of 50+.
Why do I take into account the level of experience? Let me explain: the level of experience in 99.9% of cases means the number of teams fully pumped for war. Suppose a player has an experience level of 40 and he has a 4000+ defense team, which means that he directed all his forces to pump heroes with 5 stars, and the rest of his characters can be pumped much weaker. Such players usually have only 5 fully pumped heroes with 5 stars, 3 full-fledged teams for the war (very rarely 4), and the rest of the teams are suitable only for finishing, since they are practically not pumped or consist of heroes with 3 stars.
Players with an experience level of 50+ have a lot of fully pumped heroes with 5 stars, 12 or more, and all 6 attack teams are fully pumped.

There were a lot of complaints about the manipulation of players for waging wars. For example, if an alliance often began to lose wars, then players create a new alliance, and everyone goes there, and victories pour in one by one! Yes, they have to beat weak titans with 1-5 stars, but these are small things that no one pays attention to. As soon as the loss begins again, all the players again go into the old alliance.
Another option: there are 2 or 3 alliances with almost the same name, in the first alliance the players are stronger, the rest are weaker. And if the second alliance often began to lose, then a few hours before the start, the strong players from the first alliance move into the second, thus supporting it.

There have already been many proposals to developers regarding the selection of alliances and the exclusion of manipulations, but nothing has been done so far!

Version 22 was released, in which the points for the war were changed and began to be calculated even more incomprehensibly, and it became only worse !!!

When will the developers finally correct the war of alliances in order to eliminate manipulations from strong players and so that alliances are chosen to be approximately equal in strength? And why, after the victory, to increase the points for the war, and after the defeat - to reduce? We do not participate in the competition for the strongest alliance in the war, we just want to match up with EQUAL!

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