When will be new changes (wonderland event , and new builldings in game )

Can i have a answer, dafafafaxafafafacav

That’s all we know. :face_with_monocle:


I do not belive you that this is all you know

I do belive that you know more :joy::joy::joy:

An unpaid moderator who is essentially a SGG recognized “superfan” of the game…
Probably not privy to all of the business decisions and Agile team updates or scrums…

@Kerridoc could have said “we are not allowed to discuss it. I believe the words.

Of course I am also eager for wonderland. Need more digital gizmod for my digital cards with pretty cartoons digitized upon them in this glorified game of bejeweled


We have ways of making you talk…


So all we know is 2019 I’m sure suspense is going to kill the whole lot of people not knowing to save or spend their gems

(Hint)Not sure if I should being new and all LOL!!!

I do know one more relevant fact: only the class system is in beta yet. So I doubt that we’ll see Wonderland in Q1.


And the same goes for the new building :frowning_face:

Let’s wait patiently and let’s hope for the better :smile:

Yes hopefully the Cotton Candy Factory gets a mod

I dont care if they repackage it as unicorn farts, just give me cool stuff

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No wonderland, but the buildings could go out with a couple of weeks worth of beta. Those are going to beta for bug-checks primarily, game play secondary. It just depends on whether they want to do those first or push weekly raid challenges in front of them.