When was the last time u publicly thanked someone with sincerity in this forum? It's not to late! Show some 💘 now

YES! Thank you @sleepyhead. You and TGW were two of the main reasons I stayed on the forums when my overall interest in it started to wane (back during Tellygate).

And …

@Guvnor for being such an awesome source of information on everything here :man_student:
@zephyr1 for being the original superposter and mentor to Guvnor :man_superhero:
@JonahTheBard for being Bard of the Forum :performing_arts:
@Rook for being the cat’s meow :smile_cat:
@Duaneski for the Ridiculous Complaints thread, which kept me up far too late on far too many workdays :crazy_face:
@akionna, @sft1965, @Photon for keeping the When Suddenly … thread going :open_book:
@SamMe who I believe got my last thank you here a couple days ago :grin:

… and far too many others (I reached 10)


We do have a pretty good thing going, don’t we? Kudos to @FrenziedEye (hope you’re still reading occasionally) and @Elpis for organizing the Rebellion, and to the many great voices that continue to contribute there. (I would tag them all, but I’d forget someone, and then I’d feel really bad.) And personally thanks to @akionna for sharing the stories of her kid’s magical summoning powers! Part of the fun in saving up all the summon currency for those oh-so-rare FTP summoning binges is being able to share them with my girls. Kids are great!

Thanks to all the great mods, past and present, who have done a wonderful job keeping the forum mostly non-toxic through the very dicey issues of GTV defenses, Velluriagate, the beta scandal, and the recent overwhelming influx of new content. Gonna single out @JonahTheBard , @zephyr1 , @Guvnor , and @PlayForFun as the ones I’ve had the most interaction with, but that’s obviously not an exhaustive list.

Special kudos to all who contribute to the Beta Beat content, which is invaluable for long-term summon planning.

Non-game-related thanks to all the non-US posters who give some international perspective on pretty much anything. It’s fascinating to learn about all the places I’m not likely to ever travel in person. Big ups to those who don’t speak English natively; I know being a polyglot is much more common outside the US than inside, but y’all still amaze me.

And no thanks thread of mine would be complete without mentioning the now-retired @Gryphonknight , without whose sage advice early in the game I know I would have burned out and quit in frustration long ago. Knowing how to take the time to patiently build your roster correctly makes all the difference, especially for FTP.

Also, posthumous thanks to the homie @TGW, taken too soon, for making the forum a great place to debate. Still not right that he’s gone.


Oh my. What an awesome thread…

I couldn’t even begin to list all the thanks that would be needed over the past three years… (I guess that’s only about two on the forum though)

@Vixx has been literally a life saver.
@Saphirra and @sleepyhead are both amazing at checking in with me.
Love the random PM’s from @Sarah2
@anc1ent1 for letting us in to his personal world, making us realize we are more than what we see on the screen.
@JonahTheBard and @Dudeious.Maximus for my super fun names and badges.

I have to throw in @KLinMayhem for the birthday song!!

To the hundreds of players that have joined and left the crew family (mostly on good terms :wink:)

Thanks to all the contributors for making things fun… it’s because of the people that so many of us have stayed as long as we have.


All the love is making my heart grow 2 sizes :slight_smile:

@Math4lyfe @akionna @nevarmaor @Pike you are all wonderful, thanks for the shout outs but really it is MY pleasure to hang out with you (and others - @sft1965 gets a special ally mate shout out as does @amrath ) on the fun community content threads - thanks for spreading the joy and good vibes! (I think I’m due for a when suddenly reread and song lyrics re-listen some time soon too) . Glad you’re all still around

And yeah, @TGW deserves a ton of thanks too


Don’t you mean THREE sizes? :rofl:


We are not buying u new tops or a new wardrobe!! :laughing:

@Dudeious.Maximus … mighty keeper of dragons bestowed a dragon to me in one of the first gestures of kindness i received in the forum. So again I humbly thank u for showing this witchy :popcorn: addicted mistress love.


I should also mention a super big thanks to @TGW and @Saphirra who collaborated (sort of …) on my super cool avatar that I also use on Youtube :+1:


I am both happy and honored to still be tagged by @Math4lyfe.
I know that if we met we would be good friends. :sunglasses:

She was most certainly one of the rocks in my foundation through my cancer battle.
Crew Saders has been lucky to have such a rock and a brilliant mastermind :smiling_imp:steering this long standing legendary alliance.

I have been fortunate to find a group of Scally wag‘s in my alliance,

:pirate_flag:The Pirate Horde :pirate_flag:“ that have endured me for such a long time.

So many folks here have shown me so much love, compassion, friendship and there is integrity within these souls.

@zephyr1 took me in and treated me better better than some people treat their family.
:heart:‘S always.

I mourned the loss of you and wanted you to know I dedicated my motorcycle ride to You and raised my glass to You often brother.
I guess You will always be here in our hearts.

I couldn’t possibly tag all who I’ve had camaraderie with here as it would consume my night, but they will know that it’s hapiness or the highway. :rofl::palm_tree:

Thanks for a positive thread @Mistress_of_Shadows

Yarr !!!


Too many to single out…. So I’ll just say thank-you for being better than a Facebook group, less cool than a Reddit sub, and choosing to catch your breath here.

You… and the energy brought are appreciated…


His instructionals are awesome and thought provoking. I love that @JekylandHyde takes the time to explain his rationale. His tutorials are just really educational, not the regular “just watch as I stack multiple heroes that many of you only dream of and …BLAM magic happens”. I’m left thinking, “I don’t know any of those heroes specials… Maybe you could tell us?” He is a plain natural imo.


I’ve been dieting and hitting the gym again, so I can just go shirtless :stuck_out_tongue:


Lmfao. Hope u r a man cuz othewise u may need bail :laughing:


I think there are places in Canada where that is totally legal for either mainstream gender (Toronto maybe?). Doesn’t always make it a good idea for either, some men think sporting a 36 month pregnancy is a good look.


This is a great Thread. Thank you @Mistress_of_Shadows

Like many others on here there is no way I could thank everyone by tagging them. But I would like to say Thank you all. When I first joined the forum I was a 16 year old and y’all accepted me into the forum fam. It’s a great place in here, and slowly I am coming back to posting on here. I definitely want to Thank @TGW for all he did on here. He was a great friend. I really enjoy reading @anc1ent1 ‘s post, thank you my friend. @sleepyhead has been a upbeat and caring friend to me, and I want to Thank you for that. I want to say (text really) thank you to @Sorsha for believing in me. Thank you @nevarmaor and @voidstrike (I can’ t for the life of me remember your forum name) [I finally remembered] for always reminding me of my age and being fun loving people.
And Thank you @Math4lyfe for being a kind and generous person


Aah yes, Toronto has three nude (clothing optional) beaches.

(poor dogs)

Not that popular between October and April for some reason …

It has also been theoretically legal to go topless in Ontario for the last 25 years now, although no one does.


My former mod self wants to post:



Thank you! I was actually expecting something like this :laughing:


@Peterenp Thank you for always low key helping me and showing me the forum… you believed me when no one would [SOLVED - Staff Response Post #27] Wrong war matching / Players Under Level 12 Participating in Wars - #16 by Peterenp and made this for me when I didnt’ have a account… I don’t forget things people do for me. It’s a flaw sometimes. I know I can never catch a fox and I totally get the space you keep so I’m sorry to get mushy on you but … oh well… thank you also for helping me with the challenge events… and wow just everything and even tho you are a :fox_face: of few words sometimes, and I get that … maybe good thing to show you that you are cared for and appreciated… * unmushy hug* … LOL ugh

@SamMe you always keep things real… your real… it helps… I love the game for an escape … but the love you have for ppl is real and really felt… I always know your there if I’m frustrated… and misunderstood by ( ALOT ) of players… thank you… :heart: :heart:
also for even reading my posts LOL … thanks…

@Rook :heart: … just … yeah… thank you … checking on me and my crashing issues… just nice to know still on someones mind…



You all know why
Bless you all, and so many others :heart:


right back at you buddy, thanks for being so awesome, cool, fun and friendly @Saphirra ! I remember you organizing the TGW coffee cup thread, and making so many cards for posters!


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