When was the last time class challenge quest dropped a reset token?

I cant seem to remember. was there an announcement I missed that there will be no more easy reset tokens? or it is a very unlucky streak without tokens? or is it a silent nerf?

come to think of it, dont remember getting one in war and elemental chests in a long while either…

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Theres an entire thread on it. There should be a total of 3 in the current cycle of Trials (4/10 been so far).

As for elemental chests, I don’t think they EVER were a reward in them…

Tournaments still drop them at the same odds.

Wars victory gives such terrible loot there isn’t really any point in counting on them giving you anything lol…

War chests I’m not sure they have been an item in them either but I don’t know that one for sure.


definitely had them. I got my first two, other than give-aways, in war chests. thanks for the thread. I guess a long stretch with no tokens.

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War chests drop them fairly frequently. I have 16 of the suckers between war-chests, gifts, and trials. And I don’t finish the Wizard/Sorcerer trial.

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