When to spend EHT?

I usually spend my EHT instantly but since POV, I am now saving EHT and regular ones. I have 2 EHT and 34 regulars from the last 7 or 8 days. Plus I have 3x Telluria so don’t need to try for her as a bonus.

When is the “best” time to use my EHT? I guess after POV has started, but when is everyone else planning to use theirs?

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Springvale is upcoming, starting on April 6th. Using them for seasonal summons gives you an added pool to possibly summon from. I’ll be using my EHTs during that event. POV should be ongoing at that time as well.


I’ll be using mine during Springvale as well. If I have exceptional luck I’ll save the rest for the next seasonal event.


I’m planning to use mine during Springvale, in hopes of Lady Woolerton.

Small correction: April 6th. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you kind sir. I don’t know why I had the 4th on mind. :grinning:


Also check out this thread, for a discussion on the 4 seasonal events where you can choose EHTs. Some players are choosing to wait for a certain event considering which heroes are available.


Thanks everyone much appreciated.
I will wait til POV is active and then use on Springvale.

EHT are best for pulling seasonal heroes but I hoard them for May to increase my chances for HOTM. Sadly there won’t be any seasonal events in May.


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