When to level a 5*

I see it said often that maxing a 5* is such a long journey that it’s not advisable to have a 5* sitting at 3.70 if you can max a 4* in the meantime. With that said, when do you feel ok to start leveling a 5*? If you have 4 sets of rings, do you start leveling your red 5* or do you wait until you have all 6?

When i started to play this game i made to pull Grazul. She was my first 5* . As i didnt know anything about the game and i didnt have another good red i leveled her up until third asension level .
It delayed me a lot ! There were not until october than i could balance things .
Then , here i learnt the importance of building a solid 3* base first and then a solid base of 4* star heroes.
I didnt max my first 5* until March . It was Vela and It was only because i had all the mats . But before maxing a 5* i built my 3* and 4* army. And it is still developing.
Today i have 15 maxed 3* and 20 maxed 4*.
I can do the quest , the hard levels and do good points in the wars.

I have some 5* but i dont touch them if i dont have the mats
Thats why i only have Joon and Vela maxed .

Once you have your solid epic army then if you dont have a better epic option to max then you can slowly start developing the 5* you are close to get all the mats , in my case Ursena which i only left a tabard .

Its more than anything because a maxed 4* is by far more useful than a 5* in 3/70. And itd help you more to compite in all aspects in Game and get those valuable mats


Bud, honestly I would suggest leaving 5* unleveled and maxing 3-4* til your over level 30 and have 4 training camps ( obviously Sh20). It is your best time management leveling Buildings, leveling your account and then switch over to doing “good 5*”. You can do this in about 3-4 months easily if you play daily. If you don’t spend a cent on the game then build a tc20… if your the type of person that will throw 20-40 dollars a month then just do your tc too level 11. Tc1 tc2 and tc11 is all you’ll use if you “do pulls”


While I mostly agree, but not at all.

For example, 3/70 Marjana is more useful than maxed Kelile, and 3/70 Sartana is also useful (purple lacks 4* shooters).

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This player is kinda new. So, the 4* advice is the best … he can sort that detail out later about 3/70 5* and 1/20 Telly being more powerfull

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Hmmm , depends on the viewpoint
You can emblem your Kelile and make her an even better hero.
You can use her to compite in 4* star tournaments.
You can use her to do Epic and legendary challange events.

Either Marjana or Sartana are so fragile at 3/70.
They are so heavy resources consuming.
So, id not touch them if i not have the mats . But its my opinion , its not a fact , It depends on what the user needs, and what the other options are


I will emblem my Brynhild or Scarlett, not Kelile)) Kelile is bad hero for emblems anyway)
I maxed her, but not using her, since I got Marjana (3/70).

Agree. But Scarlett will do more there than Kelile)

If for compete, you need red-white 4-1 with BT/Wilbur/Scarlett/Falcon/Wu
For completing, I will use my riposte team.

Why? Only more meat, and on farms > 16 you will find a way where meat should go.
For feeders, she eat the same amount, AFAIK.

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How is 3.70 Marjana? I just got her, but I only have 2 sets of rings, and I wonder if she’d be better than maxing Kelile. To be fair, I have a healthy amount of respect for Kelile, she whacks 'em good, but I’m just not sure if I want to take her all the way yet. My only ascended Red 4* is BT, and he’s about to be maxed in a few days time.

I think it depends on the mats available (or upcoming) and the hero…

There are some key heroes that would be worth the effort even if you can’t get them to fourth tier instantly… miki for example, will change your titan hits dramatically even at 3/70 (if you’re under 12*)

So many factors are at play… what tank color does your alliance run? What level wars do you participate in? How many pulls do you do? How many offers do you indulge in?

Not sure a blanket answer works best for this question… I’m at 30+ 5s and still take a breath and max a 3* or 4* quite often.


Very good) In platinum she plays very well alongside BT and Scarlett)

Like maxed Kelile without emblems, but slightly more fragile and slightly more damage.

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I’m not too big on the tournaments as I don’t see the rewards as so much better, but I do like Kelile. I maxed Mist, Rigard’s Costume (I’m not in a rush to max Rigard himself yet), and Grimm. Working on Caedmon, BT, and Burt. I did get a Clarissa, and I have 4 tabards, so I was wondering after I max Burt, if I should start working on her. My other purples are Sabina, Cheshire Cat, and Cyprian. I have 2 maxed purple 3*: Ball-taser and Bjorn.

Im not saying you have to emblem Kelile. I wanted to tell you that by far a maxed 4* is more versatile than a 5* at 3/70.

Yes , you are right . But not take Kelile example to literal . It may not be the best example.

I think that he didnt say anything about his buildings , if he can afford the amout of meat , he likes marjana and dont want to level another red epic so he has to make a decision and do what he consider more efficient .
The advising is more general , and is still very useful

I do have unleveled Scarlett, and I do plan on leveling her, but I’d rather save emblems for Marjana.

One of the most valuable rewards from tournaments are aspiring to obtain the emblems .

Do you have any other purple 3* ? Id max it while i wait because at the end of the month you have Morlovia . There you will get another Tabard and you are going to be a step Closer to max your clarissa

Agree. I use it myself too) But my f**cking TC20 cannot give me Caedmon, and I have useless 4 greens, so, I preferred to level Telluria, than another Melendor or even first Skittelskull.

On other colors I leveled at least 3 4* before 5*.

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  1. Get a 5 star actually worth maxing.

I have 19 rings and 0 maxed 5 star reds. Cuz I don’t have a good one. I have 30+ maxed 4 stars and 30+ maxed 3 stars.

  1. You don’t need a bajillion 3 and 4 star heroes before maxing a 5 star hero.

But it would be nice if you can ascend the hero to the final ascension; a 4/70 4 star hero is better than a 3/70 5 star, generally. But you can have a 4/40 5 star hero that is even better. You don’t need to max them completely right away.

  1. Focus on good heroes.

Wu Kong. G. Falcon. G. Jackal. Wilbur. Proteus. You want to max those asap. Then heroes like Kiril, Boldtusk, Rigard, Grimm, Tiburtus, Melendor, Mist… all can be useful.

I would start on a good 5 star hero if you don’t have any of the really desirable 4 stars to work on (provided you have at least 1 set of rainbow 4 stars maxed already.) But once you get one of those desirable 4 star heroes, work on them first.

  1. Once you have about 4-5 sets of 4 star heroes, the marginal utility for another 4 star is very low, unless it is a super great 4 star hero. So at that point, I would consider working on 5 star heroes that are not top tier.

So basically, if you have Telluria/GM/Kingston level heroes, I’d work on them once you have about 5-8 4 stars maxed.

If you have the next tier, say Delilah, Joon, Magni etc… I’d wait until 10-15 maxed 4 stars.

If you have mediocre 5 stars, I’d not max them at all or do it once you have 20+ 4 stars maxed.

Also depends on how balanced you are in terms of the elements, but… yeah.


The alliance is not strict, they prefer blue tank flanked by red, but I have a Telly at 3.45 and my best 4* is Kiril at 3.60. I may max Viking Sonya when I get 2 more capes (I have 3, 1 more for Sonya and 1 more for costume), but I still don’t know if she’ll replace Telly for wars, even if Telly is at 3.70.

I’m not sure I understand war levels, we’re not super competitive, we play for fun.
I usually do event daily deals and offers that include mats.

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If i were you i would have done the same . Sadly i couldnt get telly.
I started to level Skittleskull but since i heard about Amura i let skittle stays at 3/60 hoping to get Amura or Hansel in this challange event .

However , im a defensor of the ugly witch , is not a great hero but has her uses if you are drowing in shields and want to depth your war, titan or event roster(if not a better option around ofc)

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I luckily get Clarissa from atlantis coins, so I will afford x10 on costumes (for Caedmon) or on Valhalla (for Almur and Brynhild, which my GF have 5 of them).

Skittelskull - I do not see her uses. Only for trials of shadow. But I prefer using Sif (3/70) + 2xLiXiu + Marjana (3/70) + Hawkmoon (she can live under Sif’s buff).

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Like a top 100 team is going to face a much different set of opponents than an alliance under 1000ish.

Not saying there’s anything wrong with that… but that would make a difference when deciding on who to max imo.

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