When to ascend 5* heroes?

I have 16 maxed 4* heroes and tons of mats, I don’t think I’m going to start working on 5* just yet because I want to expand my war bench a bit more first but I guess my question is how long does it take to max a 5*? That’s why I haven’t been leveling them yet. It takes me like a week to max a 4* starting from scratch.

In round numbers, a 5* takes twice as long as a 4* to level.

It sounds like you’re power-leveling one hero at a time. If you have many maxed heroes, great. If you are building a team, I’d strongly urge you to match-color train, using blue feeders for blue heroes, etc. the 20% experience bonus is a big deal in the long haul.

As to whento start a 5*, I don’t start training a 5* I don’t intend to max, so I hold off until I have nearly all of the mats ready to go. 5 or, maybe, 4 of the rings, darts, etc needed.


I can immediately max 2 purple 5* a yellow 5* and a red 5*, mats aren’t an issue. It’s really the feeders. As far as color specific leveling I’d have to buy a bunch of hero capacity because I’m basically full. I can only hold like 16 feeder heroes at once. I guess I will have to do that at some point but buying only 5 slots seems like a bad deal.

I believe there is a players guide covering the amount of exp and ham for each level by 3, 4 and 5*.

Some of the speed leveling post might say.

I never timed it, myself. Just left 5s at 2^60 as I brought all my 4s to 3^60. Maxed Wu and Kiril first, then Guardian Falcon and Gravemaker dropped one after the other making my decision for me

This is a game of grinding so I nevet felt pressed

I do a 10x color match and the other colors not so (at least max out the skill first). Depends on how soon you want your maxed 5*. I like to power level it to probably 4/50 then only I do color match feeding and continue power leveling another 5*. At 4/50 you can utilize over 90% of the heroes stats anyway.

Different people different upping styles. Power leveling is not the most efficient way but for me its the most effective way since I get to use my heroes sooner.

Oh yeah, as @Kerridoc said, only when you have 4 or 5 of the 4* mats before starting. I just push as many as possible to 3/70 and hopefully one day I will have enough 4* mats to ascend all. :smiley:

I only have 18 free slots. I just feed those 18 around by color. Sets of 10 is over-rated.

I agree with this due to +skill roll, storing food and just time management ( see note)

On an alternative account, I off color leveled a 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80 in 24 hours and it was beyond tedious even with the help of my 40 hoarded 3* heroes and 3* trainers. I swore NEVER NEVER NEVER to do this again.


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