When the Titan was defeated, Show the Player with his highest individual damage done with one energy

It would be nice, when the Game would Show us the highest damage after the defeated Titan, and maybe the Player would get an extra 3* loot. What did you think. In wars they Show us the Players with the most damage, why Not at Titans too? Sorry for my Bad englisch.

Titans show the top 3 players for total damage when defeated. Is your suggestion to only show the top player?

And there’s definitely no way guaranteed 3* ascension materials for the top hitter would ever be added. It would increase the drop rate too radically.


No i ment the highest hit. Not the damage in total

Got it. That’s different than the War example you gave, then, so that probably confuses matters.

So to be clear, I think this is your suggestion:

  • When a titan is defeated, show the player and score with the highest individual attack from a single flag
  • Reward that player with extra loot

Is that accurate?

Yes thats Wright. There are Players, which hit the titan 7 times and have 200k, but there are Players which hit the titan 4 times and had 200k too. So Show the Player with his highest individual hit. No Need for extra loot but Show the highest damage, which was done by one hit.

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Yes for example highest hit 86k done by one energy from Mr x

Giving them extra loot if they weren’t ALSO the highest total score might also help this from increasing the drop rate too much.