When the stars align

When the board gods smile, the stars align, and spring is alrdy looking green in the distance, things just become magical :slight_smile:



Was this a challenge or something? :thinking::astonished:


Nice opening, mid and end boards, @ERROR4. How many times do we see similar rare boards? Not often. I wish my boards are like that… always!!

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3* mono vs 4700TP 5*! And the color you stacked was not even strong against anyone in the opponent team! That was absolutely amazing!

That sudden WALL of green at 1:02 is ridiculous!!! Well done!

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This wasn’t a challenge. Just for fun :slight_smile:

Always fun to see how far you can push things.


That was awesome for sure, but if we’re all being honest, that would not have even been remotely possible without those godly boards.

It was almost like RNG said, “really? you’re bringing that team? okay, well I’ll help you as much as I possibly can, but only because I feel sorry for you…”


How i wish that i’ll get such boards against blue titans haha. Superb job nonetheless.

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That was pretty amazing.

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Yeha!!! … Incredible!!

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That was wicked.


This was when we first had friendly raids. This was my first attempt, I figured I’d quit while I was ahead and haven’t tried again since.


Man, Witch troops used?

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@Mestre Exactly, 4 star Ninjas would have been weapons.

Troops used:

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That’s why …
Great troops

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