When the leader of an alliance become inactive without any known reason

Our alliance has a leader who hasn’t shown up for few days. Without any reasonnable reason. So we have to cope 6 attacks that wouldn’t be played for each gda! He was a long term player, and a friend.

  1. is it possible for you small giants, to give a hand and send him a mail or whatever, so that he could click on a link and be back in the game?
  2. or, would it be possible to transfer his ‘chief ability’ to another member of our alliance? So we can push the former leader until he finds a way to connect again?
  3. wouldn’t it be good to have a ‘second’ (chief) with the same ability of pushing out from an alliance inactive player(s) ?

Because, otherwise, the only solution is creating a new alliance and players to move in that new created alliance. But that means beginning at very low level of titans, etc… which is very frustrating, some player may then stop playing that beautiful game.

I hope this reasonable proposal will receive positive feedback.
Thank you for this game that links so many players from all over the world.

There are several threads on the same topic. You may want to throw your vote to the one as well.


Firstly, welcome back to the forum @GutsUrHare.

Sadly the issue you raise is a known one, as the thread @Ruskin505 has linked shows. Little can be done if the leader is AWOL. My alliance uses Line /Discord as tools for effective communication outside of the game. Something to think about using in the future, perhaps?

Or merging / joining an established active alliance. There are lots, check out the Alliance Recruitment section. You can also leave an in-game message for your leader if you all move, for when they resurface.

I do hope you hear from your missing leader. To have not heard from a once active player is very strange. GL

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We would be happy to see you in our alliance DevilsEye our leader is playing for over 3 years and present every day.

It’s not only leaders that have stopped playing that need removing it’s also where all in an alliance have given up, perhaps they should do a clean up every 3 months and get rid of the deadwood

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